Pebbles Eats Pudding

I had a front seat full of all the things this morning, and even the floor board was full, since I had a diaper bag and a basket of oranges! I brought the oranges to my office, and left them in the common area for anyone to grab a few, and by the end of the day, they were all gone. There’s still a TON on the tree though, so we just have to pick more over the weekend!

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My 31st Birthday!

Today is my 31st birthday!! And I’ve had a great day. As y’all know, we already celebrated a couple times over the weekend with family, but there’s just something more fun about the actual birthday day. Am I right?!

Baby girl was sleeping so hard this morning, she didn’t even wake up when we went in the room or turned in the lamp. (And yes, she slept in her regular clothes from yesterday – they were super soft and comfy, so why not?)

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From Sassy to Sweet

Miss Priss was a bit sassy and sensitive this morning when we got to school. She was standing on Megan’s desk chatting, when I tried to check out a little scratch on her forehead, and she just kinda fell/plopped on her but, and got super upset about it. She was sad and crying for a few minutes, but we eventually got her calmed back down and headed to class. She was still a little off though, and you can see that in the stink faces she was giving me in these photos…

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Eating Chocolate on the Trunk of the Car

Baby girl woke up early today (6am), but was super sweet just hanging out with Daddy while I got ready. They watched animal videos on YouTube, and she ate four PB cheddar crackers. She then took a fifth cracker in the car, and was asking for more when she finished! She is always super sweet, and always super cute. And I love the little birdie on her booty. Also, she was excited to see her favorite teacher Ms. Q after a 3-day weekend. (And even after all those crackers, she still ate all her grits & pears for breakfast at school!)

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