Triplets & Popsicles

When Emerson decided she needed to wake up early today at 6:30am, her and I cuddled in our bed for another 10 or 15 minutes, with her sweetly, and quietly, snuggled up resting her head on my cheek. Once she started getting a little restless, she lifted her head and gave me a kiss on the lips, but kiss on the nose, and kiss on the cheek, which I took as her signal that she was ready to wake up. She’s just so sweet!

But since I haven’t really grocery shopped in the last 2 weeks, we were out of most of our staples. So we decided to run to Taco Bell to grab breakfast and bring it back home. Emerson 8 almost an entire bacon egg and cheese breakfast taco, plus half of a hash brown. And then still asked for gummies after we left the table.

We played around in the living room for a while, and she had fun loading and unloading this brown paper bag from Trader Joe’s.

And then I went over for some triplet time! Bo had to be at their church most of the morning, so I went over to Megan’s house around 9:00 a.m. and stayed there till about 12:30. I got lots of baby snuggles, and got to help with their changing and feedings. Then they did a little bit of tummy time, and after fighting sleep for a little bit, they all ended up falling asleep before I left. Megan and I had a great time being together, and we enjoyed our time just the two of us. It had been a month since I last saw the girls (with all the craziness of this past few weeks with the boys being here and then Jeff being in the hospital last weekend), so I was definitely due for some baby time!




Back at home, Daddy and Emerson ran a few errands around town, then came back home to have lunch together and get Emerson down for her nap.

After leaving Megan’s house, I stopped at Walmart on my way home for my grocery pickup order. I stocked up on all of our Staples for dinner for the next week or two, as well as some items to pack our lunches for work. Plus of course I’m snacks and treats for Emerson. I also threw together some bread dough once I got home, and it’s been resting since about 1:45, and I’ll go get it ready to bake after I finish this blog post, to take to Sunday school tomorrow.

Emerson napped for about 2 and 1/2 hours, then we played at home for a little bit, and got her an afternoon snack. let me have some more errands to run, plus we wanted to do a little thrift store shopping.

We didn’t buy anything at the Goodwill, but we did find five records and four books at the Living Harvest thrift shop (on West Tharpe Street), all for only $8! and Emerson got to run around in the grass a little bit there, before loading back up in the car, so she could burn off some of her crazy after-nap, toddler energy!

Then we brave the downtown area traffic, right as one of FSU’s graduations ended, then went to The Other Side vintage shop in Railroad Square. We browsed in there for a while, but didn’t find anything we are looking for (however, we could have spent hours browsing the records if Emerson was a little bit more patient), so we went across the street to Black Dog Cafe for some fancy popsicles.

We got two popsicles and all three shared them. One was strawberry lemonade and the other was mango creamsicle. Although the strawberry one was definitely the best, both were really good.

And their little courtyard area is just so magical and beautiful!

We decided to keep it simple, and just stopped at Whataburger on the way home for dinner. Emerson wanted to sit in the booth next to me like a big girl, and she was super sweet with her little hand on my side almost the whole time she was eating.

She screamed her way through another super fast bath tonight (we still have no idea why she’s so terrified all of a sudden), and then we got her warm and cozy in some clean jammies. She had pink milk and gummies for her bedtime snack while Daddy read to her, and then she was out like a light after prayers and loves.

Tonight’s chore is going to be cleaning out the inside of my white hutch (you might remember I did the top, open shelves of the hutch a few weeks ago), but since I haven’t started yet, I might wait until tomorrow to include pictures of that. Or not. It’s not like it’s super exciting or anything.

Hope y’all had a good, rainy Saturday!

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