This precious girl wakes up happy like this almost every single day. She’s just such a delightful little girl!

Gummies and pink milk for pre-breakfast, of course. I tried to teach her to say “ladybug” like the ladybugs on her romper, but she couldn’t quite get it. But she was still super adorable trying to say it! She knows “bug,” but “lady” was too tricky. Plus, one of her favorite teachers at school is Ms. Deandra, and Emmie calls her “D,” so she thought that’s who we were talking about, which was so cute.

And then a boat when we got to school!

So do any of y’all remember the musical duo, The Civil Wars? I loved their music so much, and then they went and broke up. They were actually scheduled to come to Tally for a concert on my birthday back in like 2012 or 2013, but then they split up just a couple of months before that. And I was so bummed.

But Joy Williams (the lady of the former guy/girl duo), has done a few solo albums since then. Today she released a new one, and it is so. good. I listened to it on repeat today to work, and I love it already. And her voice is absolutely amazing. Like seriously, she has a beautiful voice.

My work friend Heather and I both needed to go out for food today, so we decided to go to Essence of India for their lunch buffet. And wow it was delicious.

After work, Emmie and I headed back over to TJ Maxx, because I thought of a few more things I needed. First, we met my friend Connie and her hubby Josh in the parking lot, to get back all the Harry Potter paraphernalia I let her borrow for a baby shower. We chatted for a few minutes, and they got to meet Emmie who was waving and being silly and even blew some goodbye kisses.

Then we went inside to meet Grammy & Papa! We smelled a few candles, grabbed what we needed (it’s a gift, so I can’t share it yet), then we went to dinner next door at McAlister’s. (Where we saw Connie and Josh again there too.)

All throughout dinner, Emerson was just absolutely dying to go outside. She kept repeating it over and over again. So finally, once Papa finished eating, he took her outside. Once Mama and I finished, we went out to play too. And she just had a blast! She loved the chalk wall, and she was running around the entire place. She also loved running down and back on the drainage grate. She could have stayed out there for hours!

She was running like crazy, and getting all sweaty, and her hair was so curly!

At home, we got her in her jammies, and got her some gummies for a pre-bedtime snack. And then she wanted more, so I got her some blueberry yogurt instead. Jeff and his coworker Ed had gone to dinner together, and were planning to go to the First Friday Art Walk, but they had to come home to get something first (don’t know what?), so Emmie got to see Daddy before going to bed.

After all that running around after dinner, it was super easy to get her down for bedtime. She was exhausted! Jeff and Ed will be out for a while, so I’ve got the house to myself now! I’m giving myself the night off from any chores, and just gonna rest. I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls whole blogging, and it was the episode in season seven when Lorelai sings “I Will Always Love You” at karaoke night, and I cried even though I’ve seen it probably five times. So I’m just gonna totally switch gears and watch the new Ted Bundy movie on Netflix. Should be creepy, but good!

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