August 2019

I Could Have Danced All Night

We had another smooth morning drop-off this morning. It seems we’re finally settling in with her new classroom and her new teacher, and things are going much better this week. On last night’s post, a fellow GR-mom commented that her son was having a rough drop-off, and Emerson came over to comfort him and talk about farm animals. It was so precious, and it made me so proud of her sweet little heart!


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Power Outage

This sweet little baby girl did absolutely perfect at school drop-off this morning! She wanted to walk herself to her classroom (some days I carry her), so she was holding my hand. While walking, I asked her, “Are you going to be a big girl and go into your class to see your teacher?” And she responded, “Yeah!” When we walked through the classroom door, she just went on in and let go of my hand, and walked straight to Ms. Sheila! I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, and then she waved bye-bye, and I was so proud of her!


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Naan Bread & New Shoes

So last night, something weird was happening with my website, and it wouldn’t upload any photos. Jeff worked on it for a bit, and got it working again late last night, but by that point, it was too late to write the post. So he uploaded all of the photos for me, then saved it in a draft. I worked on it super early this morning before work, so I could get it published this morning! So here’s  quick run-down of Monday…

Super cute ice cream cone romper for school!

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Random Fever

Jeff’s coworker got this rubber ducky in Germany a few years back, and he sent it home with Jeff yesterday, for Emerson to borrow for a while. (Not keep, but play with for a bit.) I found it in his lunch box this morning, set it out on the counter, and as soon as I walked back into the kitchen a little while later with Emerson, she immediately saw it and wanted to hold it! Papa has already started her quite a little collection of rubber ducks, so she was excited for this one. She took it in the car on the way to school, and was lightly upset when I wouldn’t let her take it inside when we got there.


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Cheese & Crackers

Look at this super cute new outfit! This is of course another super inexpensive TJ Maxx find that’s been in her closet for a while. The shorts are actually still a little bit big on her, but we just went with it anyways. Also, she randomly decided to pick up & investigate a single piece of pine straw this morning, so that’s what she’s doing in these photos.


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Sporty Spice

Every Saturday, I lay out Emerson’s outfits for the upcoming week, starting with her Sunday dress, followed by five days of school clothes. It just so happened to work out that her new pink sneakers matched the outfit for today perfectly. She’s so adorable! She looks so athletic in her little tennis shoes. I said that this morning at home, and Jeff said she was Sporty Spice! I knew immediately that that would be today’s post title!


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