July 2019

Bananas and Broccoli

So last night, my blogging app wouldn’t load and photos, it was already like 9:15, and I still had to make some broccoli salad for today. So I just couldn’t manage a blog post last night. But here is yesterday’s post…

Nana switched cars with me again first thing in the morning, so Emerson got to say hi to her, although she was confused about why she was there. But then drop off went really well!

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Gregorian Chant

Cutie baby girl, in a cute little lady bug outfit. We purchased this at the One Week Boutique quite some time ago, and she just now grew into it. (Well, the bloomers are still too big for her tiny waist, but at least they weren’t actually falling off of her.) “New” clothes are fun!

This pose she’s doing is just so weird and funny to me!

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Penguins & Polar Bears

So every day so far this week, I’ve taken her morning photos in her empty classroom when we hang up her bag, before going next door where her friends & teachers are, which is when she gets really clingy to me. And it’s been working! I’m this first photo, she’s leaning over the table, concerned about some crumbs she found.

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Boiled Peanuts

When it was time to leave home this morning, I told Emerson I needed to grab my keys. Then she started hollering about needing her keys. I was like, “But Emmie, you don’t have any keys!” But of course she did, because they were in her purse set Aunt Meggie & Uncle Bo got her for her birthday! So we packed up her phone and keys in her purse, and headed out the door. She was upset though when we got to school, because after she put on her lipstick, I wouldn’t let her bring the purse inside (didn’t want it lost or misplaced), and eventually had to trick her into thinking I put it in her school bag, but really I stuffed it down next to her car seat.


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Yellow Romper, Yellow Nightgown

First thing this morning, we had to drop off Jeff’s car at the Volvo mechanic, for some routine maintenance and check-ups. So we left his car, and then we carpooled from there. Surprisingly, we were running early, so we ran through the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru for some 2 for $5 bacon, egg & cheese croissants for us, and a couple chocolate Munchkins (donut holes) for Emmie. She got pretty upset when we both had to leave her at school, but Ms. Q was holding her, and I knew she’d be fine. (Also, this is only the 2nd time she’s worn this yellow romper {here’s the first}, but it’s still one of my current faves of hers. And of course Megan has already requested this be passed down to the triplets once Emmie grows out of it.)


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