February 2022

Two-day Twosday

Last night, I was exhausted, and I went straight to bed after putting Emerson and Addison to sleep. I didn’t clean the kitchen, wash dishes or bottles, or blog. So tonight, this is one giant two-day post (and it’s also “Twosday,” 2/22/22!), for both yesterday & today. I am still tired though, and I do still have dishes to wash, so I’m going to bust this out as quickly as possible…

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Doing a quick, short post tonight, before Jeff and I run out the door for dinner on a rare date night! Grammy picked up the girls from school for a sleepover, so we’re about to leave now, and then I’ll just get to “take the night off” later!

This morning, Emmie chose Y for YARN for her show & tell bag today, and it was a mess, but it was all her idea, and she was so proud of it!

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Sleeping in the Car

Addie slept a little better last night than the night before, but Jeff and I both still spent some time holding her through the night, instead of her sleeping in her bed the whole night. And little peanut was tired and fell asleep on the way to school! She actually falls asleep in the car almost every time we drive somewhere, no matter how close or far we’re driving…

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