January 2021

The Art of Grilling in the Rain

(This post is for Sunday, 1/31/21. After getting Emerson in bed Sunday night, I ended up talking to a friend on the phone for over an hour and fifteen minutes, and then just went to bed and skipped blogging. So here’s the post for Sunday!)

On the way to church, Emerson was like, “Is it OK if I sleep in the car?” We were like, “YES PLEASE have a rest!” So she bundled herself up and closed her eyes… and “rested” for all of 2 minutes. It didn’t last long, but it was adorable and sweet.

Homemade Tuna

Well, I was oblivious to the weather today, so this morning I picked out this cute, sleeveless, hand-me-down dress for her to wear, and then we rushed outside to head to the car, and it was wayyy colder than we expected. I told her I still wanted one picture of her dress before putting her jacket on, and she was a good sport about it. Super cute dress though, right!?

Family Day

Well, first things first, we’ve been having these sleepovers for the past couple of nights, because Jeff was out of town for four days, and we didn’t want to be alone all weekend. (Some of you shrewd readers recognized he wasn’t around lately or at church this morning, but I was keeping it under wraps, instead of announcing to the world that Emmie and I were home alone for a few days.)

So Friday night we had a sleepover at Nana’s house, went home long enough Saturday afternoon for Emmie to nap and me to do a few chores & repack our backpacks, then Saturday night we had a sleepover at Grammy’s house. I didn’t blog either of those nights, but I did post some pictures on Facebook, so we’ll just skip those nights and start with this morning.

Emmie and I both slept in the guest bed at Grammy’s house together, and she was so super sweet. She woke up in the middle of the night from a little nightmare, and ended up in Grandmommie’s bed for the last half of the night.

Winter Sunlight

So Emmie had her sleepover with Grammy last night, and although she stayed awake protesting sleep until after 10pm, she slept until about 7am, and then had a good morning getting donuts with them before church. It was my turn to sing on praise team at church this morning, so I did my full makeup and even wore some lipstick.

When I finally saw Emmie after church and we got in the car, she looked at me and studied my face for a minute and said, “What are you wearing on your lips, Mommy?” So obviously, she’s not used to seeing me in lipstick! But of course she wanted some too, so I put a tiny bit on her tiny lips. We decided to go to Village Pizza for lunch today, and she wanted to check herself out in the mirror once we sat down in the booth.

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