Homemade Tuna

Well, I was oblivious to the weather today, so this morning I picked out this cute, sleeveless, hand-me-down dress for her to wear, and then we rushed outside to head to the car, and it was wayyy colder than we expected. I told her I still wanted one picture of her dress before putting her jacket on, and she was a good sport about it. Super cute dress though, right!?

So after all the tuna sandwiches I’ve been eating and ordering over the last few months, I finally made some at home for myself, for the first time this whole pregnancy. And it was delish. With bread and butter pickles. Yum! And those chips were super good too, and not even spicy.

Emmie had a great day at school today, and the captions on most of her pictures said this, “Emerson learned that the barrier means you cannot pass. She then removed the piece from the track so she could move the train! 🚂”




We had the leftovers from last night’s deep dish pizza for dinner tonight, which were just as delicious the second time. We also remembered to pick out a record for dinner tonight, and Emmie was really vibin’ along to “Never Goin’ Back Again.” It was super cute and she was just dancing away while eating her PB&J.

We snuggled and watched Moana on the couch together after dinner, and Emerson asked about 428 questions in merely 15 minutes, and I thought I was gonna lose my mind. Eventually I said, “I’m sorry Emmie, I just can’t answer anymore questions right now.” She’s cute and sweet, but dang, she’s also very inquisitive. 😉

Bedtime actually went really well tonight, and she didn’t put up too much hoopla for us. She was however trying to show us how fast she could blink, and that was hilarious.

While the pizza reheated for dinner earlier, I washed up all the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. We used our usual paper plates and so now everything is still clean, which is good because I’m exhausted and don’t have the energy for anything! I think I’ll head off to bed early, and get a good night’s rest so I’m ready to celebrate my birthday tomorrow!

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