Strange Saturday

Today was a rather strange-feeling day… It started off normal with cinnamon rolls and chores around the house. But then I dropped off Emerson at her bestie Daisy’s birthday party. And that was the first time we’ve even dropped her off like that without staying during the party. And it was a long party too! I dropped her off around noon, and didn’t pick her up until right after 7pm.

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Callie the Caterpillar

For the first time in a few months, neither Jeff nor I were serving anywhere at church this morning, so we didn’t have to be there early. Emerson specifically requested a bagel with strawberry cream cheese, so we went to Dunkin for a quick breakfast across from the church. Then we just casually strolled into church at 9:55, for it to start at 10am, and it was so easy but so weird too!

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Delayed Start

Well today we had a weird early morning (and overnight) crazy storm, and so all the local schools had a delayed start time to allow the worst of the weather to pass through. I actually used that as an opportunity to go into work early and earn some overtime pay, and Jeff stayed home to take care of the girls. And of course wouldn’t you know, they ended up at Chick-fil-A for breakfast and early morning play time!

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