Azaleas & Orange Blossoms

Today was a great morning at church. Megan and I were both on the worship team singing together, and Bo preached the sermon, since our pastor is on a missions trip in Nicaragua. Meg made me cry with her beautiful voice during her solo, and the Bo make me cry during his sermon. And then the toddler teacher sent these photos of this goofball 🤣

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Spring Skirts

My 4:30pm coffee yesterday afternoon had me staying up way too late last night. So I set up the coffee pot for today, and also set out all the non-refrigerated items for today’s crock-pot meal. So this morning, I just had to hit the button on the coffee pot, and grab a few items to get dinner started. I was proud of myself for setting things up for an easy morning. I even got out of the house early, and made it to work early!

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