Pink Drink & Watermelon

Emerson picked out the outfits for bot girls today, and all of her accessories, plus made herself a little “pink drink” (with the Starburst pink water mix-in packet thing) before leaving the house.

We picked up some wake-up wraps from Dunkin, and then headed to church early, for me to work in the preschool room. Actually, Jeff was already there before we were, because he was on the production team for big church.

A couple of months ago, we were averaging anywhere from 15-20 kids in our preschool room. But now that it’s summer time, we’ve started transitioning the 5-year-olds down to kids church as they’ll be starting kindergarten soon. So now this little group is so much smaller and so much more manageable. It was a breeze in there this morning, with only 5 kiddos, 2 of which were quiet as little mice.

We did lunch at Echalee for Mexican after church, and Emerson just looked so big, grabbing the knife and starting to cut up her own chicken fingers. Addison wasn’t feeling that great though during lunch, and just wanted to snuggle up next to Daddy and watch “Let it Go” on his phone.

And then she fell asleep on the drive home, in just a few quick minutes.

Addie and I both laid down in my bed for a nap, because she really didn’t want to lay down in her bed all alone. Emmie took a little nap in her bed too, but Jeff stayed up working on computer stuff, and eventually he went to Walmart to pickup our grocery order for us as well. I was really tired and really needing some rest, and I slept about 2.5 hours.

Once we were all awake, Emmie put on a little concert to the Sing-Along Moana in a too-big thrifted dress, that we’ve had for a year or two in the back of her closet, that she’s not-so-patiently waiting until it fits better.

I ordered a big ole giant watermelon in our grocery order today. Because you can’t do the Fourth of July week without watermelon! My little helper wanted to be involved, so she climbed up there with me, and helped me out. She kept popping little cubes into her mouth (as did I, obviously), so I said something to her about how much she was eating, and she was like, “I work better on a full tummy!”

We did the “grinder salad sandwiches” that went viral on TikTok a few years back. They feel like a summer staple to me now, and I love having these on a Saturday or Sunday night after being in the pool. We didn’t get to swim today with all the storms, but these were still delicious. I made the same heated-up turkey & mozzarella on ciabatta that we had, only she didn’t get the “salad” on hers, but she ate every single bite.

Our poor little Addie-girl has been sick all afternoon though. Remember I said she wasn’t feeling at lunch, and then she just went downhill from there. She was fine during nap, but once she woke up, she threw up not long after, around 4pm. And then again around 6 while I was making dinner, and again around 7pm.

She hasn’t eaten anything since a few hash browns, and a few bites of wake-up wrap this morning. So I don’t know if it was food-related, or a little viral stomach bug thing, but I’m really hoping and praying it runs it’s course quickly. I’m taking the day off work tomorrow to take care of her. And honestly a day of rest will be good for me too, since I’ve had these cold/sinus issues for almost a week now.

It was good we had a slow afternoon and evening, but now we all need some good rest tonight.

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