August 2023

Funfetti Hurricake

Well thankfully, what could have been disastrous for us here in Tally, ended up being very chill and no big deal, not at our house at least. The worst of the wind & rain came by early in the morning while it was still dark, and didn’t bother us at all. We were constantly monitoring the weather though, and watching out the back window.

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Making Slime at the Library

You guys – we slept until 9am today!!! Can’t even remember the last time I slept that late. Emerson said she woke up around 7, and played on her Kindle, but Addie was still asleep when we woke up, and just started stirring shortly after. Then Emerson helped me make some scrambled eggs for sandwiches for her, Addie and Jeff, and I made egg-in-the-hole for myself.

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