Book Fair

Look at these little sweeties. The most precious and silly girlies!

Love this picture Daddy got at drop-off for Emerson. She just looks so happy and ready for school!

My boss and I had some difficult cases to work through, so we spread out on the big conference table, with the most gigantic tv screen, and spent about 3.5 hours working through a few cases.

I got a text from a friend / fellow Growing Room / Gilchrist mama today, who was volunteering at the book fair at school, saying she ran into this little cutie and got to help her. Emerson was very excited to show me her wares. Especially since she had a surprise. We only planned for her to get the book, so I sent an extra dollar or two in cash to cover the tax. But apparently these little scented erasers were only 99 cents, so she had just enough money to get those for herself too.

We had a Walmart grocery order to pick up on our way home after I got the girls, and they were pretty busy and took quite a while. When we got home, I just baked some frozen pizzas, and put away all the groceries. Addie always wants to eat at the coffee table, so by this point, it’s been like five days since we sat our our dining table. But Addison actually eats better here anyways, so ya know, why not…

After dinner, Jeff took turns taking both of our cars out to fill them up with gas, since the gas lights were actually on in both of our cars. So while he was gone, the girls cuddled up and watched a Barbie mermaid show, and I read a little bit. Even though we did our book club for this book a few days ago, and I already know some of the ending, I still really like the book enough to want to finish it, so I’m going to push through to the end.

We ran out of the girls’ melatonin gummies like 10 days ago, and just finally restocked in tonight’s grocery order. So after they each had their bedtime sleepy gummy, bedtime went SO smoothly, and both were out in no time flat. And it was such a nice, easy night together.

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