July 2023

Free Furniture

Well, after Addison tested positive for strep throat on Friday, Emerson woke up at 3am today, saying her throat & stomach hurt, and she had a fever. So Jeff stayed home with the girls today, and they watched GC Kids online, while I sang on the praise team. (Actually, had my first little solo verse at GC today too!)

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A Day at the Grandparents’ House

Nana, Jeff and the boys were on the road early this morning (to meet the boys’ mom halfway between here & where they live in South Carolina), the girls and I had waffles for breakfast, and then we spent the entire rest of the day at Grammy & Papa’s house. It was a great day, but a long day, so I’m not gonna write much today.

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Zalads & Handstands

I was actually at church first thing this morning for praise team rehearsal. But since Jeff couldn’t fit all 4 kids in the car at once with the boys here, I had to run home to pick up the girls before church. So when we got there, the trips were just getting there too, and they were more than happy to all line up for pictures together! We just couldn’t get Addie Pie to actually smile…

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Safari Girls & Surprise Plants

Emerson picked out her own dress today – a new one that’s been in her closet now, that she finally fits in 🙂 And I picked Addison’s outfit from a basket of unfolded clean clothes 😉 And coincidentally, they both ended up in outfits with safari animals! Zebras, lions, elephants, & giraffes, oh my!

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