Funfetti Hurricake

Well thankfully, what could have been disastrous for us here in Tally, ended up being very chill and no big deal, not at our house at least. The worst of the wind & rain came by early in the morning while it was still dark, and didn’t bother us at all. We were constantly monitoring the weather though, and watching out the back window.

We pretty much just laid around the living room for the whole morning, watching movies and painting nails and playing pretend games and reading (finally finished last weeks’ book club pick) and eating breakfast and drinking coffee. Other than the fact we were under a hurricane warning ya know…

Luckily for us, not only was the weather mild, but we never lost power at our house. We actually heard some transformers blow somewhere in our neighborhood, but it must have been far enough away to not effect us. So I made chicken nuggets and pizza rolls for lunch. Then I turned my chicken nuggets into a delicious and huge buffalo chicken salad, with red onion, cucumber, carrot & parm cheese.

Both girls went down for a nap after lunch, and Jeff did too actually.

I stayed awake though, so I could just have some “me” time. I first finished one audio book while washing the dishes (and the sun actually came out!),  made myself a yummy iced coffee, then started a new audio book and did some coloring.

Then once my little buddy woke up from her nap, I let her color a picture in my house sketch book, and read some more. I loved how colorful and creative her rainbow house was!

And please notice her nails, because she wanted to make sure I got them in this photo.

Addie and Jeff were still sleeping at that point, so we decided to bake a pink funfetti strawberry cake we had in the cabinet. And this little girl is just growing up so much and doing so many big girl things, I can’t take it. Look at her cracking those eggs!

Emerson read a couple books to me while the cake was in the oven, and then Addison finally woke up, right as the timer went off. Baby sister slept for 3.5 hours, so clearly she had a great nap. And then it was time to frost our pink funfetti cake with pink strawberry frosting. Oh, and when Jeff woke up and came into the kitchen, he was like, “I see you made a hurri-cake, huh?” He’s so cheesy with his dad jokes.

Baby Sister was very interested in coming to check it out and see what we had been working on.

And then it was her turn to do some coloring with mommy!

I baked a frozen enchilada meal thing for our dinner, and made some yellow rice and black beans on the side. The enchiladas were fine, but not great, and they actually gave both Jeff and I tummy aches, and the girls didn’t even eat them at all. So, won’t be buying that again… Also, Emmie and I finally did the puzzle glue on our Harry Potter puzzle, that’s been sitting on the table for over a month. Now we get to frame it!

Please look at this little goofball, with her leg up on the table, eating spoonfuls of sour cream… I was totally fine with that though, because she did eat all of her rice and beans, and even a second helping of rice.

And then it was finally time to eat our pink cake for dessert after dinner. And of course it was really yummy.

Addison ran around in only her diaper for most of the morning, and then put on her jammies again at nap time, and never changed again. Emerson wore about five different outfits during the day (including two different bathing suits), but she did eventually put her jammies on again at bedtime. (I personally, stayed in my nightgown all day too, which was glorious.)

Bedtime went okay, with Emerson falling asleep very quickly and easily, and Addison just needing a little bit of extra snuggles, but no real issues. Schools and offices are still closed again tomorrow, so we’ll all be home together again. We did fine with one day of being cooped up at home, but we might need to find some activities out in the world tomorrow, so we don’t have cabin fever by “witching hour” tomorrow afternoon…

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