October 2019

Baby Unicorn

WOW! Today has been a day. Most of our weekdays consist of the same routine – school for Emmie, work for Mommy & Daddy, and then back home for dinner/bath/bed/etc… But today, was fully of SO MUCH stuff. We had seven “additional things” on the docket today, so let’s jump in! (I also feel so cheesy saying stuff like that, but then somehow I also can’t stop myself, sooo…)

We did a few pictures at home first, since we didn’t go straight to school. She didn’t dress up for Halloween for the entire day, but I did pick an outfit that she could wear under her costume, so we could slip it on & off with no issues. These cute unicorn & dino pants have been in her drawer for a while, as has this shirt. My boss Tammy actually got her this shirt from Powell’s Books, which is like a really awesome, giant, kinda famous book shop out in Portland. (Actually, I just looked it up, and it says it’s the largest independent bookstore in the world, which is super impressive!)


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Grandmommie Daycare

This morning was rainy and cloudy and gross, and I just wanted to cuddle up in the house and spend all day watching tv and napping and reading. But I made myself be a grown-up, and got out of bed and ready for work. When I left at 7:30 am, Emerson wasn’t even awake yet. Grandmommie came over at 7:15 to spend the day taking care of her, so I knew she’d be in good hands once she woke up.


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Back to the Doctor

Last night around 10:30pm, right as Jeff and I were getting ready to go to bed, Emerson woke up whining and crying again. Jeff went to pick her up, but she wanted Mommy, so I grabbed her. She was really upset, but we didn’t know what she wanted. I needed to make a bathroom trip really fast, so we laid her in our bed. After that, she got super mad and wouldn’t let either of us hold her, and kept yelling NO every time we asked her something (i.e. – do you want water? do you want mommy? do you want lullabies?) So we just had to keep trying to figure it out.

Jeff carried her to the living room, and she asked for me, so I took her and sat down on the couch, and she almost instantly calmed down. We sat there for about 10-15 minutes, and finally she said yes when I asked if we could try lullabies & go night-night. We did our usual 3 songs, then “Jesus Loves Me” while I scratched her back, and about an hour after she first woke up, she was finally back asleep.

We’re not really sure what caused all of that, but we were worried for a bit there, that we wouldn’t be able to get her back to sleep, or that I would have to sleep sitting up on the couch all night!She slept fine after that, and slept until about 7:30 this morning. Then her and I both got dressed, and I took her to the doctor’s office, since she’s had a fever for three days now. Her ears were clear, and her rapid flu & strep tests were fine. They said he lungs sounded fine too.


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Sweet Olive Blossom

Baby girl woke up with another super high fever again this morning. It feels like forever ago (honestly, was it 13 hours ago, or 13 days ago?), but I think it was like 105 again. So she had Tylenol and ice water, and then she ate a biscuit and sang along with Baby Shark. Well, she thought she wanted a biscuit, but changed her mind, but I got her to eat an entire applesauce pouch instead.

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Emergency Room, Triplet Duty & Vet Visit

So a “normal” day’s blog post would start around 7:30 am. But today’s blog post is starting around 10:15pm last night. Emmie went down good last night, and was sleeping soundly. Around 10:15 though, we heard her start stirring. She was quietly moaning & groaning, but then she started coughing. That last a few minutes, and it started sounding worse. Jeff went into her room to pick her up, and she was having a really hard time breathing. She was very wheezy and gasping for breath and starting to cry. It’s hard to explain how she sounded, but it was scary.

We had some “leftover” Albuterol and a nebulizer from when she had RSV, so we did a breathing treatment. She hated it and was screaming the whole time though, saying, “I don’t like it!” She was still struggling to breathe once we finished (and Mommy was starting to slip into panic mode), so we got dressed and headed to the North side ER.

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Chicken & Chockit

We had a relatively good bedtime last night, and then she slept all through the entire night! Praise the Lord! I’m more than ready for her to be back to her regular bedtime and sleep schedule, so hopefully we’re almost there.

Mom’s bestie was ready for a good day at school! As we were pulling in the parking lot, she asked, “Nana pick up Emmie today?” I told her, “No, Grammy is picking up Emmie today.” And she said, “Grammy pick up Emmie! Yay!!” She was so excited!


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Blue Dress & Blue Eyes

After a decent bedtime routine last night (currently, 45 minutes is considered “decent,” vs. like, 3 hours….), she decided she needed to wake up at 4am. She was moaning and groaning for a few minutes, and when I realized she wasn’t just going to go back to sleep on her own, I went in there to pick her up. She asked for lullabies on my phone, but I hadn’t brought it with me. I asked her if she just wanted Mommy to sing, and she said yes, so I gave it my best raspy, sleepy, 4am-voice effort. It worked apparently, because I was able to lay her back down around 4:30am, and I went back to sleep myself for a bit.

Then at 7am, she was wide awake and happy-go-lucky, as if nothing had happened! I got myself dressed, then got her dressed, and she sat in the kitchen floor eating snacks, while I packed my lunch and made my coffee.


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I Love You, Rosie Unicorn

So after going back into Emmie’s room for a second or third time last night, we had a quiet little chat about bedtime, and I promised her that if she went to sleep, that I would make her biscuits and scrambled eggs for breakfast. She did actually go to sleep then, so of course I held up my end of the promise this morning! But we had to eat our breakfast in course, because I got the eggs done faster than the biscuits…

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Pumpkin Popcorn

So my little monkey was acting wild last night… In last night’s post, I wrote that it was about 9:15pm by the time Jeff laid her down in her crib, after he spent an hour going through all the bedtime motions over and over again. But by 9:30, she was crying and whining already. Jeff went back in for about 15 minutes, and then I tried to take over. She didn’t want me though, she only wanted Daddy. She would not settle down, so we went and laid down in our bed all together. But then she was just awake and fidgety and trying to pet Pretzel (he was in bed with us too), and chatty and just not sleeping.

So after about 20 minutes of that, I went back in her room with her. We did lullabies and I rocked her, and Daddy had to come back for another hug and a kiss, and she cried and whined for a bit (and I had to force myself to stay calm & not get overly frustrated), and finally around 10:35, I laid her down in her bed. But as soon as I shut the door to her room she started crying again. But I needed a minute to recuperate, so I went to the living room. I told myself I’d give her 10 minutes to cry-it-out on her own (now 2.5 hours past usual bedtime), and by 10:45, she was finally calm & quiet. I could see on the baby monitor though that her eyes were still open, until around 10:55.

So by the time she finally went to sleep, it was almost 3 full hours past her usual bedtime, and Jeff and I were both just spent from all of that hoopla.SO, after all that last night, we all had a hard time getting up this morning, so we just didn’t. We all slept in, and didn’t even leave the house this morning until around 8:40, when we usually leave at 7:10. But we finally made it to work and school, and there were still muffins & breakfast available!


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Biscuit Casserole

I started off the day by throwing together a breakfast casserole for our Sunday school class, from this recipe. When buying those pre-cooked sausage crumbles yesterday, I wasn’t thrilled that they cost about $1.50 more than a package of regular, raw sausage… But then when all I had to do this morning was dump it out of the bag, I decided it was money well spent, time well saved, and one less dirty dish!

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Afternoon Artist

Today was such a great day! We spent the whole day with just us three, and it was so nice. We didn’t have any specific plans, for the first time in a long time, so we got to just do our own thing, and we had such a great time! So since there are tons of photos, I’m going to just write a little bit… (whenever I say that I always write a ton, so we’ll see…)

We started with breakfast at Chick-fil-A. I had 2 free 4-count chicken minis in my app, so Emmie and I both had minis and Daddy had a chicken, egg & cheese bagel, and it was delicious. And it felt so great, which was good, because we had Pretzel and we sat outside.

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