July 2020

Fruit & Veggie Stickers

So I didn’t plan to go through all the boxes of clothes that my friend dropped off yesterday, until this coming weekend after, I finished reorganizing her dressers and packing away some of the stuff she had grown out of. But we peeked into one of the boxes, and this super soft Minnie Mouse dress was right on top, so of course Miss Priss insisted on wearing it to school today!


Church, Car Wash & Chores

I had another super early wake-up call to get to church by 7:50am today, but I made sure to give myself plenty of time to not only get myself a large coffee (that I actually got for free using the DD app!), but also I finished my make-up this time πŸ˜‰ I got to see my good friend Abby at church this morning, and chat with her for a bit between services. I also got to see her sweet new 5-month-old baby girl in-person for the first time, and I could have just squeezed her so much, if not for this silly virus and the social-distancing! But it was still good to see them in the flesh!

Doctor Emerson

This little cutie is getting to too tall for all the dresses that actually fit her… She had on a different one first thing this morning, but even though it fit perfectly, it was so short her little bloomers were showing! So I grabbed this one next, but it was almost too short too. I think my girl has hit a little growth spurt and has gotten so much taller lately!


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