June 2020

Your Arm Bit Me!

For what felt like the first time in forever (please sing that in your head like Anna from “Frozen”), I got up and showered and dressed and ready to head out the door to go to church! I was running just a few minutes late, so I had to choose between make-up & no coffee, or getting coffee and putting my make-up on at church… So obviously the choice was to stop for a large coffee!


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Doctor Emerson

After getting up and getting freshly showered (and me putting on makeup for the first time in four weeks) Emmie and I went out to Grammy’s house for a little women’s ministry brunch, Bible study and mission project.

And look at this beautiful girl, in this adorable dress! Nana got this for Emmie, and she looks absolutely precious in her first maxi dress! And you can tell she really loves the dress too!


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Birdie Bathing Suit

So we bought this birdie bathing suit on super clearance last summer, and she grew it into this year. She wore it one time to her friend Joshua’s birthday party, and then it accidentally got misplaced for three months. Then this past weekend, I finally found this folded up in a pile of her pants in the wrong drawer! She was super excited I found it, but asked very many times, “Why did you put it in the pants drawer, Mommy?” But I have no idea why!


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