January 2022

Hide & Go Seek

Grammy got these happy little girls dressed for church this morning, after their sleepover last night.

Then after church, we all went to lunch together at Willie Jewel’s BBQ. I ordered the sausage sandwich for the first time (and got sweet potato mash, also for the first time), and everything was really good. I shared my sweet potatoes with Addison, and she loved them too.

When we got home, Emerson and I took a nap together, and both of us slept for about two hours. Addie didn’t sleep too long, so Jeff played with her so Emmie and I could rest more.

Then we headed over to Nana and PopPop’s house for playtime and dinner time.

Ham, homemade mac & cheese, buttered corn, salad (Nana even bought my fave Olive Garden Italian) and Hawaiian rolls.

Playing hide & go seek…

The most delicious chocolate éclair cake for dessert.

Emerson had an absolute meltdown when we told her it was time to leave and head home, so Emerson already made plans with Nana for next weekend. Then halfway home she realized she had put down her snacks somewhere and forgotten them there, so that was another meltdown. So we had some special cuddle times at home. She decided she just needed to eat some cheese in bed and watch tv to help her feel better. And dangit if that didn’t sound exactly like something I would do…

We read a bedtime book and had lots more loves, and then she was worn out and ready to go to sleep.

Addie girl needed to finish her bottle, and then I got her to sleep as well.

Now, I think I might just snuggle up with some cheese and a blanket, and watch some of our favorite YouTube “friends” with my hubby. (We also watch these friends, and these friends every week. No, we don’t know them, but we’ve been watching their channels for years, and sometimes it feels like we actually do know them!)

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Saturday Soup & Salsa

After my late night getting home from the movie last night (I wasn’t home until after 10pm), it took me a long time to unwind and get ready for bed. So I didn’t go to sleep until 12:15am, and then Addison woke up needing a bottle at 12:45, so I fed her, and held her for a while, and finally went back to bed around 2am. Then Emerson woke up around 4:30 after a bad dream, so I had to take her back to bed and get her to sleep. Jeff had gone to sleep early at 9:45pm last night, so he was ready to wake up early with the girls this morning. Which was great for me, because he let me sleep in a little bit this morning, and took the girls to get donuts for breakfast. So when I got up, there was a box of donuts waiting for me!

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Olympic Rings & A Pile of Leaves

Another day at home, in covid-quarantine, and not too much to say about it…

I tried another “TikTok trend” for breakfast today, “pesto eggs,” which were good, but it popped out of the skillet like crazy and was driving me nuts, making a huge mess. Also, I’ve been eating so many tomatoes, because these roma’s were included on accident in my order, so I’ve been trying to make good use of them…

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I’ve Got a Jar of Soup

I don’t really feel “like” talking too much tonight, as I’ve been talking to my four-year-old for approximately 27 days straight at this point… or so it feels like it We didn’t do too much today, and of course barely even left the house, so there’s not real need for much writing to be done tonight…

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Sinkhole Exploring

So let’s start with a quick recap of last night… Jeff ended up doing some late night work, so I stayed up late watching Survivor. For some reason, I didn’t get tired, and I didn’t go to bed until 12:15am! And then Emerson woke up at 12:30… And then we realized the was super loud music in the neighborhood, so I was calling the TPD non-emergency line at 1am filing a noise complaint… And then Addison was awake by 1:10am… And so then all four of us were hanging out in the living room until about 1:30am, when we finally got both girls back to sleep. So that was a strange night!

But this morning, I was able to get up and make pancakes for all of us for breakfast. We had no eggs or bacon or sausage, but we had plenty of PB&J pancakes!

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Dining Room Work

Emerson and Addison just have the sweetest little relationship already, even at these early ages. We put Addison in her play pen while we got ready, and Emmie just pulled her chair right up next to her, and kept her entertained and they played together and Emmie sang to her. It was very sweet. (Also, please make sure to notice Emerson is wearing two different color gloves, which of course she picked out on her own.)

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