May 2023

Smells Like Memorial Day

We actually got to sleep in until like 8am today, which is pretty late in our household with these two munchkins of ours. But after sleeping in a bit, we picked up an early morning grocery order, ate breakfast, and then got busy doing chores around the house. I worked inside doing dishes and tidying the living room, and Jeff worked outside in the carport and on his car. Then I made up a giant serving of the “grinder pasta salad” I made a couple of weeks ago, for our family dinner tonight, and these two had to come “help” as well… And that’s when I finally took my first picture of the day!

Grocery Issues

Both girls were still snoozing away this morning, and had to be woken up before school. Addison in particular was very sound asleep. I opened her door, turned on the lamp, and turned off the sound machine, then called her name, and she didn’t stir. So I walked back up front to grab my phone, so I could get a picture of this perfect little sleeping face!

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