Confetti Pancakes

Look at how precious and adorable this little rainbow baby girl was this morning!

This whole outfit, shoes and all, used to be Emerson’s, and I loved it on her then, and I loved it on Addison today! (I forgot to look for a photo of Emmie wearing it earlier today, and now I can’t find one, but maybe I can dig it up tomorrow to compare.)

Delicious leftover penne pasta for lunch today, and reading more of “Fairy Tale” by Stephen King, which I’ve been slowing working my way through for about a month or so now. One of my step-sons Ryan recommended this to me, and it’s really good, it’s just really long!

Looks like Addie had a good day at school today.


Since Emmie finished school yesterday, but summer camp doesn’t start for another week and a half. So today & tomorrow, Jeff is taking care of her, with a hybrid of working-from-home and half days of work. She entertained herself for a while with some crafts and games on her kindle, and watched “Matilda.”

Then eventually she convinced Daddy to take her out to lunch at Cracker Barrel, since she loves breakfast food so much. This stack of confetti pancakes came with three, and she ate literally half that fairly  large stack. Plus a biscuit and bacon.

They ran some errands around town, and then checked out a new-ish (new to us, at least) park down near Railroad Square, before heading back home. And by the time they got home, Addie and I had made it home from school and work too.

We had P.F. Chang’s frozen honey chicken with basmati rice and broccoli for dinner. (And because I’m me, I added an entire sauteed onion to the chicken.) And it turned out pretty good – the flavor was good, but the texture of the chicken wasn’t my fave.

After dinner, we got the girls in the bath tub and also washed up some dishes. The girls were so cute in their little nightgowns, loving on each other, and just being so sweet.

Ready to just go hang out and relax a little bit now…

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