Drink the Wild Air

Today began the last week of kindergarten for Emerson (what in the world!?), and today was hat day for Addison. Luckily, she had been given this adorable bucket hat for her birthday, and good grief she was adorable in it! And I just thought Emerson’s hair was so pretty today too.

Today was our bi-monthly lunch with our little work unit. Today, it was our supervisor Tammy’s turn to choose, and she chose Pedro’s, the newest Mexican restaurant downtown. It just opened earlier this month, and it’s only a minute or two from our office, in the newly renovated building that used to be Logan’s. It’s so nice inside, and the food is delicious! I got a chimichanga today, which I haven’t had in years, and it was soo good.

Addie had a good day at school, and I loved the flipped up front part of her hat. So cute!

Before work this morning, I put some frozen chicken in the crockpot with just a splash of water and a packet of the dry ranch seasoning mix. When we got home, I spooned out some of the liquid, shredded the chicken, added in some more Trader Joe’s ranch seasoning, and then we ate it on leftover hamburger buns from last week, with some pickles and mayo. (I actually “came up” with this meal plan for tonight because we got substituted the 12-pack of buns our order last week instead of the 8-pack, and I didn’t want the buns to go to waste.)

And this turned out really good! The girls both loved it too. Emmie ate her entire sandwich, and Addie picked off every bite of chicken (didn’t eat the bread), and then I pulled of more chicken from my sandwich to give to her.

Since dinner was so easy tonight, we ate early, and then had lots of time for activities after dinner. Emmie and I each made another little scrapbook journal sticker page tonight, and Addie kinda just watched, and scribbled a little bit in her notebook.

I ended up doing an ocean theme tonight, and wrote a few of my favorite ocean-themed quotes from authors and such. (Funny memory lane story…. back in college, my friend & roommate Bridget and I did a painting project one time, where I painted that quote shown in the top right corner below, which is from Ralph Waldo Emerson. I find it ironic now, that I was drawn to that quote back then, and then 6-7 years later, totally coincidentally, I named my first daughter Emerson.)

Emerson didn’t really do a theme tonight, but just picked random stickers she liked the best, and then doodled to her heart’s content.

We started bedtime early tonight, after stocking up on kids’ melatonin gummies again for the first time since running out two weeks ago, knowing it would kick in hard for both girls tonight. Emmie and I did finish the book we’ve been working on for the past month and a half, but her eyes were very heavy towards the last few pages.

As you can see, both girls were indeed out like a light very easily, and so I’m hoping all four of us can get a good night’s rest!

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