December 2022

Cozy WFH Vibes

The water in our building was turned off today to work on the pipes & plumbing. So we couldn’t use the restrooms… And since our old building is heated by an old boiler, there was also no heat. So we were allowed to work from home, so obviously I chose to do that! I stayed in my super soft, super warm jammies, lit a candle, and made a pot of coffee.

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Christmas Day 2022

I “gave myself the night off” last night, after a long, busy, fun-filled day, so this post is for Christmas Day, yesterday. The girls actually slept until about 7am, so luckily we weren’t up super early. And then we had a sweet morning (once we got the boys awake too), with our little 6-fam at home.

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Visiting Santa on Christmas Eve

I’m going to try to keep this brief, since we have so much left to do tonight after an already busy day, but you know I always write too much anyways…

Jeff did a quick grocery run first thing this morning (no pick-up slots were available), and the boys always sleep in, so I just made oatmeal for the girls and I for breakfast.

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Homemade Lasagna

Today was our first real day of Emerson’s Christmas break, being our first day just us two, not the weekend. Both girls actually slept in a little this morning, so we were surprised when we didn’t wake up ourselves until 7:45, without our normal work-day alarms. And it was so nice! It was “Christmas hat or headband day” for Addison, so we popped on this red headband, and she looked adorable.

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