November 2022

Finally Saturday

After being home and off work for three days in a row already, today was finally Saturday, which just felt so strange! After Emmie’s sleepover with her triplet cousins at Grammy & Papa’s house, we had a quieter-than-usual early morning, with just one little girl in the house. But we had some breakfast, and got dressed, and went back over to pick her up. The girls were watching for Aunt Meggie to get there too.

Gallery Wall

I keep having to remind myself that today is “only” Friday, since we’ve had roughly 3 Saturday’s in a row… But we had another great day today! Very laid back and not too hectic, and that was really nice. We all had something different for breakfast (cleaning up the last of this weeks groceries), and I did the egg-in-a-bagel-hole thing again today, but I did it at a lower temp for a few minutes less than last time, and it turned out way better.

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