March 2020

Hotel Alabama

First things first, we’re in Alabama tonight! (And the post title should sound like “Hotel California” in your head, just to be clear.) And we’re on Central Time, and it’s late. So I’m going to mostly photo dump and leave the chit-chat for another day, because I’m on an unfamiliar laptop, on slow hotel wi-fi, and it’s just weird. (But you know when I say I won’t write much, I usually still do…)

Anyways, first thing this morning, we packed our car with a whole bunch of stuff, dropped off Emmie at school, and then Jeff and I worked a half day until noon. When we got off work, we went out to my parents house, transferred allllll the stuff to my Grandmother’s car, and then the 3 of us loaded up and headed to daycare to pick up Emerson from school. And then we hopped on the interstate for a little road trip!


The Strangest Church Service

So this morning was one of the strangest Sunday morning’s I’ve had in a while. Our church gathering was moved to Livestream only, with no in-person gathering. Except that I was on the praise team, and Jeff was on the tech team, so both of us still went to church this morning. So all three of us got dressed & ready for church, just like usual…


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