April 2019

My Car Broke Down

Ok so my blog post title today is not just for click bait, it’s real, but we’ll get to that later. This was actually a weird, not-so-good Monday. A few things…

1. I woke up with a sinus headache, and menstrual cramps. Blah.

2. Emmie wanted to wear a (clean) pink gardening “glub” this morning while eating her pre-breakfast Hawaiian roll before school. It’s hard to see because she was excitedly waving it around everywhere, but that’s the pink blur in the photos below.

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Partially Collapsed Lung

Well I’m gonna cut straight to the chase tonight… It was a weird day. Jeff drove himself to the ER late last night with chest pains and shortness of breath. I stayed home because Emmie was asleep, but Jeff’s mom met him at the hospital. They kept him overnight running tests & monitoring his heart, and I woke up early this morning to head up there. I got Emerson ready for church, then dropped her off with my parents for the day. She also spent some time with Jeff’s parents this afternoon while my parents had some plans.

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Bubbles and Bread

Well, my day technically started at midnight, with the premiere of the new Taylor Swift video. I hadn’t actually planned to stay up that late, but then I fell asleep on the couch, and woke up miraculously at 11:55pm, so it was obviously meant to be. And then we watched it one more time, just for good measure, before finally going to bed.

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Sourdough & Baby Toes

When we walked into Emerson’s classroom this morning, we came to this station with lots of toys and musical instruments. One of her little friends came over and started handing her stuff, and before long, her tiny arms were full! He even tried to hand her one of the big xylaphone’s, so I had to tell him, “no thank you, she has enough, but thank you for sharing!” It was so sweet, and so funny!

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Easter Sunday 2019

First of all, “Christ the Lord is risen today, alleluia!” 🎶

Today was a great Easter Sunday. I’m exhausted though (as I’m sure ever mother of a toddler is on a holiday), so I’m going to try to be brief… (Although whenever I say that, I tend to babble just as much as always.)

Emerson loved getting her Easter basket this morning. I kept it low-key with bubbles, M&M’s, Hershey’s kisses, an Easter book, a coloring book, and a new Garanimals summer outfit and shoes (from Grammy). Then I “re-gifted” her own stuffed chick and bunny, for some cuteness, without adding another stuffed animal to her already huge collection.

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From Stormy to Beautiful

So late last night, all of Tally was watching the weather to see how it might go today, with the approaching severe weather. Around 10 p.m., Emerson’s daycare (amount others) announced they would be closed today, to keep everyone off the roads and safe indoors. So I decided to take the day off, since Jeff and the boys already had plans around town. Which meant we all got to sleep in this morning, praise the Lord! We slept in a bit, and all woke up around 7:50 a.m. The boys specifically asked to go get Emmie out of bed, and she was excited to see them first thing in the morning.

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A Monday-ish Tuesday

As much fun as we had at the beach yesterday, today Emmie and I had to go back to our usual schedule. I dropped her off with Miss Kayla this morning, because poor Ms. Q was at home with a sick kid. Drop-off wasn’t perfectly smooth today, and Emmie cried when I left. But, as my mom pointed out, she had three days full of lots of family time, so it was bound to be harder than usual.

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Family Fun Day

Today was a full, busy day, spent with lots of family! Nita came over around 7:25am, and her and Jeff hit the road by 7:45, to go pick up the boys for their spring break. I made a mini egg & cheese & salsa burrito for me, and scrambled eggs for Emmie. But of course she needed a few bites of Mommy’s food, but she wanted to take a bit out of the side, instead of the end, like a little maniac! Twice!

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