From Stormy to Beautiful

So late last night, all of Tally was watching the weather to see how it might go today, with the approaching severe weather. Around 10 p.m., Emerson’s daycare (amount others) announced they would be closed today, to keep everyone off the roads and safe indoors. So I decided to take the day off, since Jeff and the boys already had plans around town. Which meant we all got to sleep in this morning, praise the Lord! We slept in a bit, and all woke up around 7:50 a.m. The boys specifically asked to go get Emmie out of bed, and she was excited to see them first thing in the morning.

All three boys had cinnamon toast crunch for breakfast, and Emmie wanted to be just like them. So we let her try to eat cereal like a big girl for the first time, and she actually did pretty well with it!

Then she shared my pancakes (leftovers from last night), my glass of milk, and banana.

The weather was pretty dang rough around 8-9am, and there was even a confirmed tornado down southwest-ish of us. It was raining pretty hard, and the wind was crazy. I was very glad for our safe, dry house! We had a nice slow morning all together, and the boys even took some after-breakfast naps for a while.

Emmie had three helpings of broccoli cheddar noodles for lunch, then slept from 11:40 a.m. through 2:25 p.m.! That’s two hours and 45 minutes! Jeff and the boys went to the Good Friday service at his parents church at noon, so I had the house to myself. I ate lunch, vacuumed, read my book, watched “New Girl” on Netflix, tidied the living room, painted my toe nails, and cleaned out the old polish to throw away. All that alone time was so nice!

Once my sleepy girl finally woke up from her super long nap, she had some chips and ice water for a quick snack.

And then we had to go to my office. I usually just leave my makeup in my desk during the week, and put it on when I get to work, then take it home on Fridays. But since I didn’t know I wouldn’t be back today, I didn’t take it with me yesterday, and I need it for Easter Sunday! So we stopped by to grab the makeup, and we stayed and visited/played with my co-workers for a bit too. And Tammy fed Emmie another snack, since this girl never stops snacking.

After the church service, Jeff and the boys went out to lunch with his parents, and then Nana took the boys to the new Urban Air trampoline park, so Emmie and I went and met them there for a little bit too. Ryan helped Emerson jump on the trampoline for a few minutes, and then Nana and I played with her on the tiny small obstacle-ish stuff.

Emerson and I left before the boys’ allotted time was up, because she was getting mad she couldn’t do all the things the boys were doing. We played with chalk at home for a few minutes, then took a tiny little walk.

(She was laying over my leg like this, studying an ant and coloring around it, and just being so funny.)

Then Jeff and the boys and Jeff’s parents all got to our house, and we had dinner together. Nita helped by throwing together a yummy salad, while I made a turkey meat sauce for penne noodles, and sliced, buttered, and toasted some fresh bread.

Nita was so nice and washed all of the dishes (including the ones from breakfast), and Ryan was super sweet helping dry all the things. Gabe played with Emmie, and taught her to blow on the harmonica.

Emerson was very sad when Nana had to leave, but the boys were so sweet and read all of her nighttime books to her. Then they both took turns giving her super sweet night-night and goodbye loves, since they probably won’t see her again before they leave to go home in the morning. (Just to clarify for anyone who might be not know, Ryan & Gabe are my 12-year-old twin step-son’s, who live most of the year with their mom in South Carolina.)

This book below is her Easter book from Grandmommie, that we’ve been reading nightly for a month or so now, leading up to Easter Sunday.

The kitchen is clean, the boys finished packing, Emmie is asleep, my fave candle is burning, and now we’re gonna play some games together on their last night with us! The weather first this this morning may have been really rough, but it turned out to be a great, beautiful Good Friday!

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