Hunting Eggs

The happiest, most beautiful-est, sweetest baby girl, first thing in the morning!

Jeff and the boys were up and awake and out of the house by 7:15, and Grandmommie came over around 7:50 to have breakfast, and spend the morning with us. So while she played with Emmie, I cooked us my favorite breakfast, egg-in-the-hole and hot coffee.

Emerson ate one whole scrambled egg, one piece of toast (sans crust), and a cup of applesauce. Plus a few spoonfuls of Grandmommie’s coffee. (Side note – she used to give Megan and me coffee spoonfulls too when we were tiny.)

Grandmommie and Emmie played while I showered and got dressed, then my mama came to my house too. Then we loaded up in the Jeep, and went to the Easter egg hunt at Megan and Bo’s church, Generations. Megan and the babies stayed home, but Uncle Bo is the children’s pastor there, so he was in charge of everything! Plus, it’s literally five minutes from our house. Papa also met us there, and Emmie was so glad to see him! It was an amazing event, full of bounce houses, egg hunts, animals for petting, an Easter bunny, food trucks, cotton candy, popcorn, and more. Emerson couldn’t even walk at Easter last year, but she certainly loved her first real egg hunt this year!

I was trying so hard to get her to stand here by this egg and look at me for a super cute portrait-style photo… But then she just sat on the egg…

The indoor area is specified as the preschool zone, which I loved for my tiny tot. There were a few activities perfect for the littlest ones, without being in danger of getting run over by bigger kids! Emerson had been dying to get in a big giant bounce house outside, but she was too little. So imagine her excitement when we found this tiny one in the preschool zone! She LOVED it!

She also loved seeing Miss Kayla from school, at the event this morning! (Her dad is the pastor at their church.)

Came back after publishing to share this story because I forgot about it, but Miss Kayla reminded me… About three seconds after Emerson first got in the bounce house, she kind of stumbled forward and fell flat on her stomach, then the bouncer came unplugged and started deflating! She was completely unphazed though, and just laid down on her tummy, looking around at us (with the bouncer slowly falling down around her), with a giant smile on her face while my dad and another girl got it aired up again! She was even having the time of her life, just laying there!

We left around noon, and ran to Steak-n-Shake for lunch. Even though they were incredibly slow, Emmie ate crackers while we waited, and the food was yummy once we finally got it.

After lunch, Grandmommie and Grammy came back home with us, and I immediately put Emmie down for her nap. She had done really well this morning and stayed awake way past naptime, but she was exhausted, and out in no time! We chatted and visited (and some of us may have napped) while Emmie slept. Then afterwards, Grammy and Emmie and I ran a few errands. I bought stuff to fill her Easter basket, and Grammy bought her some new Easter shoes.

Grammy dropped us off back at home, and we had a couple of hours of just sweet mommy daughter time together.

Then we did a video chat with Aunt Meggie, and got to see all three babies! Emmie was sooo excited to see them, and got super close to the phone and squealed a lot. She was also giving my phone screen kisses, and was just so sweet.

Kensley was just waking up to get ready to eat, and she was getting a bit hangry…

We tried on a new headband from Walmart (3 colors in a pack for $2.74!), and spent some time out in the front yard in the grass, walking down the street, and coloring with chalk.

Then Daddy came home! She was helping him fill up soap containers, while I heated up a hodge-podge dinner of leftovers.

But Jeff and the boys had stopped at Donut Kingdom first thing this morning, and he brought the last few home to us. So we shared a donut for dessert.

Family selfie after bath time!

And bedtime books with Daddy.

We had a great day, all day, and once again I’m so thankful for so much in our lives!

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