October 2020

Weekend Camping Trip

We had such a great weekend together as a little family, on our first camping trip in four years (Jeff and I used to go multiple times a year), and Emerson’s first camping trip ever. Camping is a lot of work (with all the packing and the set-up and everything), but it’s also super fun, and nice to get away. We went to Topsail Hill Preserve State Park in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, and we were so excited when we got our first glimpse of the water on Friday afternoon!

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Dinosaur Sneakers

Grandmommie gave Emmie these red dinosaur sneakers for her birthday. They were a little too big, but after a few months, they fit her now, and she’s been dying to wear them ever since we tried them on last weekend. She doesn’t have much red clothing to match, so she was a little bit patriotic and a little bit dino today. And she was so excited! Oh, and she topped off the outfit with a couple of stickers on her legs 😉

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Pickin’ Wildflowers

So after not going to church (in person) for almost three months, this past week, I was there three times in five days. I was back early this morning, for early rehearsal, and two worship services on the praise team. It was a gorgeous sunrise this morning, and nice cool, fall weather, and it was just glorious!

And this pumpkin spice iced coffee definitely added to the lovely fall-ish-ness of the morning!



Emmie and Daddy had lots of good snuggle times together at home this morning, even though Emerson had a meltdown about changing out of her jammies to run an errand with Daddy, so she didn’t change, and they didn’t go. Which was fine, and they were content at home.

Daddy even made her a homemade uncrustable PB&J for lunch, with our fancy little Pampered Chef edge press tool thingy… whatever it’s called 😉

I grabbed some pizza and cheesey bread on the way home from church, and Emerson decided she needed second lunch with us.


We did books and naptime after lunch, and then Jeff and I also hopped in bed and I napped hard. I usually say I don’t nap very well (meaning it’s super short, or I wake up every 10 minutes), but I slept like the dead for about two hours, barely even moving, and it was a a goooood nap.



Emerson even woke up before I did, so Jeff got up with her and let me sleep about 30 minutes longer, while they snuggled and played.

And apparently I got a few more Amazon prime day packages delivered today…

After I woke up, Jeff pulled our cars out of the carport, and Emmie went out and scooted around for a long time. Then she started running around the front yard, and picking all the little wildflower weeds to bring back for me. It was so incredibly sweet and precious, and made me so happy.








Then she started adorning her scooter with the little flowers (the idea was completely her own), and I was loving it!

She wanted me to keep the tiny flowers she picked me, so I found a tiny mason jar, and put them in the kitchen window. And they’re precious!

We finally got around to potting this plant in the new pot I got a couple of weeks ago. I had just set the grow pot down inside the new one, so today we put about an inch or two of river pebbles in the bottom, since it didn’t have a drainage hole, and added new soil. It was so stuck inside the grow pot, that Jeff had to cut it out and the poor thing was already very root-bound. Hopefully it will become healthier and thrive in it’s new, much bigger pot!



Emmie rocked her little puppy, while I made dinner.



I ordered these turkey burgers for the first time in my Walmart order, and they were super good! I sliced up a whole onion and caramelized them in a skillet while the burgers cooked, and it all turned out delicious. All three of us loved the burgers, and I’m glad we have a few leftover for lunches this upcoming week.


Emerson ended up wanting her burger patty cut into bites, and to sit in Daddy’s lap, while he fork-fed her bites dipped in ketchup. But she ended up eating almost the entire thing that way, and loved the black eyed peas.


We got this little kids’ travel air mattress to use on our camping trip this coming weekend, and Emmie needed to test it out tonight. So jeff blew it up, and Emerson loved it. She thought it was the greatest thing ever. Now, I’m just hoping she will actually sleep on it for the weekend!



We had a video call with Nana, and then Grammy, Papa & Grandmommie, and did our bedtime routine with books and lullabies.



She was so super sweet again at bedtime tonight. For lullabies, she laid down in her bed, and I leaned over the side. Instead of her hold my fingers with her tiny hands like usual, she was hugging my arm & my hand, and just smiling up at me with the biggest, sweetest smile on her little face. She was so cute, and I was smiling so big back at her, and we were just having the best moment. Towards the end, she said, “Why are you so happy, Mommy?” I laughed and said, “Because YOU make me so happy, my girl.” She leaned up and put her tiny arms around my neck, and I almost melted with the sweetness. UGH, she just kills me!!! She’s the very best girl and I love her so much.

I hope she grows up to remember a sweet, fun, magical childhood, full of memories like afternoons spent riding her scooter in the carport, while still wearing jammies from the night before, and picking wildflower weeks growing in our front yard.


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Bagels, Chores and New Lights

(This post is for Saturday, 10/17.)

Emerson was up at 6:15am this morning (as usual really), and dressed before it was even 7am. Since she didn’t have her sleepover with Nana, she still wanted to spend the day with Nana, and was ready to go before Nana was even awake! She wanted to go out and check the weather, and did a little lap around the yard in her “new” shoes we bought at the One Week Boutique consignment last year, that finally fit her.

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The Laziest Saturday

Tater Tot woke up around 6am, ready to get going for the day, so we headed to the living room to cuddle on the couch and watch Frozen II. She sat still with me for a while (and I dozed on & off), then she grabbed her lunch box can filter full of snacks, and proceeded to eat a granola bar. I was mostly awake for the second half of the movie, and actually cried a little bit towards the end of the movie, so I was all emotional and worked up crying over a movie at 8:00 a.m. like a crazy person!

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