February 2024

Axe Throwing

We were up at the crack of dawn like always today, and we did a very early grocery pick-up. We ate cereal for breakfast, and then just laid around for a bit. Emerson put on an old ballet leotard and danced around for a while. Then both girls disappeared, and then Addison came running out in one of sister’s old leotards too. And goodness they were so cute.

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Galentine’s Tea Party 2024

This afternoon, we had our 7th Annual Galentine’s Tea Party! I started this tradition back in 2017, the first year in our new house, because I wanted to host a little party. There were only six of us then, and we fit at our little dining table… And no little girls yet!

But we’ve outgrown my house now, and so for this year, we moved the location to Grammy’s house. And I’m so thankful to her for agreeing to host when I asked her to! Well technically, we co-hosted together, and everything went so smooth and easy, and turned out great as usual.

Here’s the cute little invitation I made for free online, which I just really loved.

And we tried to “scale back” on the amount of food we had this year, since we always have way too much. But apparently we’re not capable of that, because we still had tons of food, but it was all so pretty and also yummy.

I even brought over my whole tea pot and tea cup collection from my house, to use a few as decorations, and also most of them for actual tea ya know 🙂

And I also brought over my whole tea box and bags and loose leaf tea to share with everyone.

As usual, I ended up with pictures of all the food & decor, and not many of the actual people. But it’s just always such a crazy time and so much chaos and fun and good conversation and good food! We really did have a great time together today, and it’s fun just getting so girl time and catching up all together.

Everyone stayed for a couple of hours, and then started heading home. But me and the girls stayed for a couple of hours longer to hang out and get things cleaned up and put away.But before we could get all the food put away, we found little baby sister just eating “straw-bebbies” straight out of the platter.

This is the same little dress that Emerson wore to be the “ring-bearer” in Aaron’s wedding when she was about this same exact age, back in 2020. It was so pretty on Addison, and we taught her how to twirl in it.

I had actually gone over to my mom’s house before lunch today, so we could do all we needed to do to get ready for the party. Then Jeff brought the girls over after their naps just in time for the party. So we waited for him to come back and get all my stuff (and the little girls) packed up in the car again.

Absolutely loved our 7th Annual Galentine’s Tea Party today. It’s always such a great time, and I’m so thankful for so many amazing ladies, and adorable baby girls in my family!

(P.S. – I wasn’t blogging yet in 2017, and we had to skip 2021 due to covid issues, but here are most of our past tea parties: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022, and 2023.)

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