Shoe Shopping

Today was our pastor’s 10th anniversary at GC, and we just had an all-around great morning at church! I was on praise team, and then I sat in the front row so I could take pictures.

We had a little reception for the anniversary after church, and although we didn’t stay long, Addie loved this meatball on a tiny fork. It was actually just me and her at church today, because Emerson was feeling sick again, with a bit of a low-grade fever. (Luckily, her school is closed tomorrow already, so we have an extra day, and I might take her to the doctor.)

I picked up some lunch on our way home from church, then got both girls down for a nap. I took a quick little 30-minute power nap myself, and then met up with my Mama. First, we stopped at Lucky Goat for some coffee and then we went shoe shopping together. With all the issues with my feet over the past year, and especially the the hoopla finding good shoes, so she offered to help me find some new ones.

And luckily, I did end up finding a few good pairs of comfortable, but still at least (mostly) stylish. And let me tell you, that is hard to do, because finding comfortable, supportive sandals that don’t look like they’re made for hiking waterfalls or for 80-year-old women, is difficult.

I picked up our weekend grocery order on my way back home. And I loved coming home to find these little cuties all playing together.

So then I just had to sit down in the floor with them to play a little bit too, and Addison served me tea, and Emerson made some snacks.

I made this lazy lasagna style dish, with ravioli and a creamy marinara sauce with Italian sausage, baked with lots of cheese. And it was really creamy and cheesy and yummy.

Emerson had made herself a super cozy little nest on the floor this morning, that she’s been sitting in pretty much all day (except for when she laid down and took a 3-hour nap), that she retreated back to right away after dinner. I led one of our songs in worship this morning, and Emmie wanted to see/hear it, since she practiced it with me about four times on the way home from Grammy’s house last night. So we watched some of our church service from this morning, and Emmie was like, “That’s so weird to see Mommy on the tv and see you on the couch!”

We switched over to “Bluey” afterwards, and got started on our usual bedtime routine. Emmie fell asleep really quickly, and luckily Addie did too. I am starting to feel a little congested now myself, so Jeff just made me some hot tea, and I’m going to settle in to relax. Like I mentioned before, school is closed tomorrow, so I already took the day off to be with her, which works out great, so that both her and I can have a little rest day together. (And maybe take her to the doctor, depending on how she feels in the morning.)

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