Valentine’s Day 2024

Tried to get a little Valentine’s Day sister picture on the front steps this morning, but Addison wasn’t really in the mood for that…

But look at this little beauty once we got to school, in her dress that was absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day!

And these two cuties before Emmie’s school drop-off are precious too!

I actually left work mid-morning to go back to daycare to pick up Addie, and I took her to the ENT for a check-up on her ears. She had tubes put in back in 2022 (if my memory is correct) for repeat ear infections. But since then, they’ve both fallen out, so we’re just keeping a close eye on things over the winter.

She did have an ear infection right after Christmas, but she’s been clear since then. She does have some fluid in one of her ears, so we’re going back again in 3 months to check again. Then, if it’s still there, they’ll do some special audiology tests to make sure it’s not affecting her hearing. But we’re hoping it’ll just all clear up as the weather warms and we get out of flu & cold season…

After getting her back to school just in time for lunch, I met up with Jeff for a special Valentine’s Day lunch date at Harry’s! It’s one of our very favorite places, and it literally never disappoints. Always so so delicious. And they always send us coupons in the mail, and they take them even if they’re expired. So we actually paid separately today, so we could both us a coupon 😉 Thrifty, delicious lunch date!

And while Jeff and I were having our lunch date, Emerson was having another grandparents week lunch, this time with Papa! And she convinced him to get her ice cream today, and to take her back to the book fair again 😉

We went to church tonight as usual, but I didn’t take any more pictures the rest of the day, so that’s it for tonight!



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