Make-up Work

This little baby girl was looking especially precious for our morning pictures today.

And big sister was also looking very cute in a nice dusty blue dress.

Addie’s parent portal said they made “love birds” at school today.

Megan and I actually went out for a sister lunch date today kind of spontaneously. We went to Moe’s and I had a free birthday burrito bowl in my app, so my whole lunch only cost me a few dollars, to upgrade to steak and add a drink, so that was a great deal. And it was nice to catch up together, but we forgot to take any pictures.

And for Grandparents week, Nana was Emerson’s third lunch visitor. She brought Jimmy John’s, and Emmie ate her entire sub. (She’s a sandwich lover like I am.) And of course she convinced her to go back to the book fair again, for the third day in a row! But she forgot to take any pictures either.

Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Keith were so sweet to send the girls each a Valentine’s card, which they loved.

Watching Daddy do some work on his car while I was getting dinner ready.

Jeff actually got the crock-pot chicken and gravy (with onions) going for us this morning after I left for work, and then I just made some rice and corn to go with it. This is such a simple recipe (well, it’s not even a recipe, it’s just something I kinda made up: 2 cups of water, mixed with 6 tbsp of brown gravy mix, poured over frozen chicken & sliced onions, cooked on low all day), but it’s one the girls love (they both ate all the chicken that I put on their plates), and it makes enough for a few leftover meals as well.

After dinner, Emmie and I spent a long time trying to get through more of her make-up work from missing school last week. But it was honestly way too much work for us to be able to finish. There’s just not enough hours in the evenings to do dinner, bath, bed, etc… so we only got about half of it finished, and I wrote a note to her teacher asking for a few extra days to complete everything. So we’ll see how that goes.

While we were working, I noticed my little Christmas cactus has a bloom on it, for the first time in a few years actually!

Emerson was exhausted after spending an hour on the make-up work, and after a small meltdown and a snack, she fell asleep very easily. Addison fell asleep laying with Daddy in the recliner, but when I tried to pick her up to carry her to bed, she woke up and wanted him back again, so I laid her back down on his chest. Maybe now she’ll be ready to go lay down…

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