Penguin Sweaters

Addie may have been a little mis-matched today, but that’s because Emerson picked out this sweater for her to wear, and even helped her put it on before we left the house.

And if you look closely, you can see Emerson was also wearing the same purple penguin sweatshirt to school today too.

Got a couple of pictures of Addie playing at school today.

I shared my January reads on my socials earlier today, just a couple weeks late. This may be the fewest number of books I’ve read in one month in a while, but those first two are the giant 800-page fantasy novels I was re-reading, so even though it wasn’t a high number of books, it was still a lot of reading.

They’re cleaning our carpets at work this weekend, so we had to get everything up off our floors (except the big furniture), so there’s random stuff up on desks and cabinets all over the place. But they told us to put all of our little side chairs out in the hallway. So when it was almost 5pm I went out to the restroom, and it just looked so weird out there.

I made some easy mac for the girls for their dinner, and Jeff heated up a frozen bacon mac & cheese. I made myself a piece of cottage cheese toast, and tried it with sliced baby cucumbers for the first time, with lots of the everything bagel seasoning. And even though I knew I would like it, I ended up liking it like a LOT, even way more than I was expecting. But I only had enough cottage cheese for that one piece sadly. So I’ve already added more to my order for tomorrow.

As I was cleaning up from dinner, Addison brought her stool over to the counter by me, and just started messing around with stuff and chit-chatting. Then she found her little Valentine’s card again, and told me, “You take a picture of me wif dis card over dere by dose flowers and over dere by dat candle and over dere by dose cookies.” So that’s what we did, and good grief if that little cheese-covered face isn’t the cutest thing ever!

We let the girls stay up a little too late tonight, but that meant bedtime went pretty quickly, since they were so sleepy. They’re already in bed, and I’m ready to just watch some tv, before a busy day tomorrow.

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