Grammy Visits Gilchrist

Little Addie girl was all nice and smiley this morning.

And immediately sat down to play potatoes with her friend at school.

But my Emmie girl was a little camera shy today, and wouldn’t look up for the photos. But you can see she’s still smiling 🙂

Addison and her friends made some cute little Valentine’s during school today.

And Emerson had her first of several special visitors for grandparents week at Gilchrist today. Grammy brought her Chicken Salad Chick for lunch, and they got to eat at special tables in the cafeteria, and then they visited the book fair together. When Emmie was showing me the stuff she got in the car after school she said, “And Grammy didn’t even tell me I had to pare down!” And I absolutely died at the “pare down” comment.

With all the drama and sadness and changed plans over the weekend, I didn’t do our typical weekend grocery order. So we’re just gonna skimp by on what I can scrounge up from the pantry and freezer for this week. So tonight, we just did some frozen pizza for dinner, and watched “Minions” on the couch.

Thinking it’s about time to paint my fingernails again, but first I gotta find my nail kit… Addie was carrying it around the other day, and although I told her where to put it back, that didn’t happen, and I don’t know where it ended up.

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