Carnations & Candy

Another beautiful morning sunrise on our way to school and work today.

And this silly little goofball making all the cute, funny faces.

And although Emerson was looking a bit like a ragamuffin this morning, she was actually excited to go back to school today, after being out with the flu for an entire week!

Some super nice friends of ours from our old church sent us this note about Pretzel, hand-delivered to me at the office by my aunt today. So sweet and thoughtful.

I shared this photo of Pretzel today on Instagram, and I just love this one so much.

After school and work today, Nana and I took Emerson to gymnastics, and Jeff took Addie to Publix, and then met us at the gym later.



We actually just went to Zaxby’s for dinner after the gym, and then headed home to get the girls straight into bed, since it was already after 8pm by that point. Well actually, Emmie and I got the Valentine’s ready for her class, that we were supposed to turn in today, but we got them ready for tomorrow.

We got the girls down pretty easily, as they were good and tired, and I lit a candle in the kitchen. Our youth group at GC always sells little Valentine’s as a fundraiser, and they deliver them during church. So Jeff got all of his girls some carnations and candy sent to us. Then Emerson picked this little tiny azalea bloom at lunch yesterday, and all the little flowers look so cute in this recycled jelly jar.

Jeff and I watched “The Eternals” over a few days last week, and started “The Multiverse of Madness” last night. He’s seen all of these already, but I’m a little behind in the MCU, and want to get caught up before watching the newest one with all the girl superheroes (which I think is just called “The Marvels”?)!

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