February 2019

Growth Spurt

I have a feeling that my teeny tiny girl might be going through a bit of a growth spurt. For the past five or so days, she has woken up almost immediately saying “eat eat.” They have breakfast at school around 8, but when she wakes up at 7, already hungry, we have to give her a little snack at home to tide her over. Monday and Tuesday it was a few Pringles when she saw them on the counter, and today was about a quarter of a Pop-Tart. This girl just might be growing!

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Spring in February

My baby ballerina was awake and ready to get up when I went into her room this morning. I’m not really too sure what she was trying to do here, but right after I snapped the photo, she freaked out, and I realized her tiny thighs/knees were stuck in between the slats, so I had to squish them outta there and scoop her up for some loves.

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A Difficult Journey

By now, it’s no secret that my sister and her husband Bo are expecting triplet girls to arrive any day now. (And we are so incredibly excited for them to get here!) But what’s not quite as well known, is the difficult journey it’s taken them to get to this point. I asked Megan if I could share their story, and she said she would love it if I would wrote about them. I know this is a story our family will cherish, having it all written down. And obviously other people are curious and just want to hear the “drama” of it all, but I know the majority of folks really, really love & care for them, and will appreciate hearing/knowing this as well.

Quick back story to catch up to “present day”… Megan and Bo were high school sweethearts! They started dating when they were only in 9th grade! They dated all through high school and college, and got married in May 2013, merely a week or two after Megan graduated from FSU. (Bo graduated the year after.) Like any relationship, there were typical ups & downs, good times & bad times, but these two sweethearts stuck it out.

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Well, since Emmie still had such a high fever late yesterday afternoon, we kept her home from school for one more day. So this morning, my grandmother (Emerson’s great-grandmother!) came over to spend the day at our house. Since I had a little extra time at home this morning (I went in a little late), I made scrambled eggs for Emmie, and made an egg sandwich for me. Yummy!

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Sick Day with Daddy

Well at this point in the night, it’s late and I’ve been dealing with a baby for an hour and a half who refuses to go to sleep. She’s exhausted and I’m exhausted and I have a headache and don’t feel very well myself, and yet every time I try to lay her in her crib she screams and cries. We tried the “cry-it-out” method once tonight, for 10 minutes, and that was a disaster. So I went back in and held her for a while, but it still took a really long time to calm her back down and get her ready for bed. Part of the problem is that she wanted her Daddy, but he was at church for deacons meeting, and then grabbing a few things from the grocery store, so he wasn’t here for bedtime. So tonight is mostly pictures with just a little bit of writing, and then I’m going to bed…

We took her to the doctor’s office first thing this morning. Her fever hot and broken since sometime on Saturday night, and then miraculously it was down to 99 when we got there. So they assumed it was just viral, and it has to run its course. However she had early signs of an ear infection, so we went ahead and got some antibiotics for that.

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Homemade Bread

Well, Emerson had a pretty rough night last night. She went down at a decent time (around 7:30), but then woke up around 1:30 a.m. with a fever, and wanted some water. And then she didn’t want to go back to sleep. Jeff was up with her for about 2 hours, just sitting in the pitch black living room, with her chatting and talking and getting the dog, and just generally fighting sleep. I got up around 3 a.m. to start my “shift,” and was actually able to get her to sleep around 3:30 a.m..

But then by 6:30 a.m., she was awake again (I got up to get her), and still had a fever. So I got her diaper changed, and gave her some meds, and we quietly watched Instagram stories together in the dark. (She likes watching IG stories with me.) And while watching Brooke @nestingwithgrace make her 4-ingredient homemade bread, I got a wild hair and decided I needed to give it a go today! I’ve seen her do it probably 10 times before this, but today I was just feeling it! So we were at Publix by 7 a.m. when the doors opened (which by the way, is the perfect time to go to the one on the college side of town on Ocala, since we were like, 2 of the only 5 customers), to grab some stuff for the bread, and some stuff for dinner.

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Another Sick Day

My poor little Emmie girl is still not feeling good. She woke up at 5:30 a.m., super upset, with a 101.2 fever. We gave her some infant Tylenol, got her calmed down, and then her and I slept in the living room recliner for a little while. We we’re supposed to help my sister and bro-in-law pack up their house this morning (they’re moving next week!), but we didn’t want to risk Megan getting sick at this point in her pregnancy, with whatever Emmie might have. So Jeff went over there without us, and Emmie and I stayed home. We missed seeing everyone though!

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Feverish Friday

When we got into Emerson’s class today, there had been two classes combined in there, and it was kind of a mess. Ms. Q started straightening up, and Emerson wanted to help. She picked up all the little phones to put them back on the cabinet, but she was kind of throwing them up there, and they were making a super loud noise, and she just thought the whole situation was hilarious. But she still loves to help!

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