Moving Day

Emerson finally made it back to school today, and she was excited to her friends, her favorite teacher and some new toys.

This little girl is weirdly obsessed with wipes right now. She likes to wipe her face, neck, hands, whatever, over & over & over. She usually doesn’t want to give it up, even after like 20 minutes, except sometimes you can convince her to throw it way herself. She likes throwing away trash. I swear, sometimes she seems like the weirdest little girl!

Right when it was time for me to leave the school though, one of her little friends took a toy from her that she was holding, and Emerson got very upset and offended over it. Even when Ms. Q got the toy and gave it back to Emerson, she was still crying. I had to leave while she was still upset, but I got these two selfies just a little bit later saying Emerson calmed down about one minute after I left.

And then when I got these next three photos from her teachers, the captions said Emerson loved this little corner this morning.

Yesterday, grandmother taught Emerson how to lay her hand flat so that grandmother could trace her hand with a pencil. apparently she really loved it, and kept putting her hand down for grandmother to trace it over and over again. And it looks like that’s what she was doing at school today during craft time! She was waiting on her teacher to trace her hand for her. So cute!

and then I got too busy with lots of things, and didn’t take any more pictures until 7:30 at night. I left work early for my annual well check up appointment, picked up Emerson afterwards, and then went to Megan and Bo’s new house. They sold their old house, and closed on a new house today!

So tonight we moved in some of their stuff, but tonight was mostly about painting – their master bedroom and bath, and the other three bedrooms and bath. The living room might be painted eventually, but they’re leaving it for now, and the dining room was already almost exactly what they wanted. So I was really busy either taking care of my crazy 19 month old, or then helping empty cars and taken loads of stuff, so I didn’t get any pictures.

Emerson I left a little before 7 pm (while everyone else was still there working), and on our way home my tired little girl fell asleep. (and please notice another random wiping her hand.)

I got her out of her seat, and she laid her head on my shoulder and went back to sleep. She woke up long enough for me to change her diaper and clothes, take her antibiotic, and then I rocked her back to sleep very quickly. But I held her and snuggled her for an extra 10 or so minutes, because she was just so sweet and cuddly. Jeff just told me he’s on his way home, so they must have wrapped things up over there.

For a quick update on the babies, Megan is now 32 weeks along today, and all three girls are still looking great! She has appointments twice a week, and they’re monitoring everything closely. She has also scheduled her C-section for 34 weeks, so they’ll be here before we know it! Please continue to keep them in your prayers over these next few weeks as they settle into their new house and begin to welcome their baby girls!

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