Well, since Emmie still had such a high fever late yesterday afternoon, we kept her home from school for one more day. So this morning, my grandmother (Emerson’s great-grandmother!) came over to spend the day at our house. Since I had a little extra time at home this morning (I went in a little late), I made scrambled eggs for Emmie, and made an egg sandwich for me. Yummy!

And then unfortunately I did have to actually go to work. On my lunch break I read my book and painted my nails.

Meanwhile, Grandmommie was sending pictures to the family throughout the day, of all the fun, sweet things they were doing together. And I loved getting her updates!

After work, I ran home really quick to change clothes and pick up Emerson, then all three of us went out to Midway. In the midst of being 32 weeks pregnant, Megan & Bo are selling their house, & buying a new one, and closing on both houses is tomorrow. So tonight, they had to get their old house completely emptied, so we went over to help!

We didn’t stay super long, but once it was time to leave, Emerson got super upset and got really mad to leave all her favorite people. That girl loves her family!

But she was also excited to get home and see her Daddy and her puppy! We did all of our usual bedtime routine stuff, and then settled in for some book reading.

Jeff did the putting her to sleep part of things tonight, and it went so much better than last night. Partly because she was exhausted after such a busy day with Grandmommie, and partly because she wore herself out crying all the way home from Midway. Regardless, she was asleep in just a few minutes.

She remained fever-free all day, so I think we’ve finally turned the corner on this annoying virus. My poor little girl was so pitiful these past few days, and of course I hated seeing her sick. So I’m so glad she was back to her happy little playful self today!

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