October 2018

They Shut Off Our Electricity

Tonight’s post will be short & sweet, because we currently have no electricity… Our bill was due on 10/5, but we were in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico on a cruise ship then, so we didn’t pay it. And then since we started dealing with hurricane chaos immediately after we got back home, we completely forgot about that kind of stuff. So apparently today we reached the end of our “grace period,” and when we got home at 6pm, we had no electricity. We received no phone calls, texts, or emails about it before it being shut off, so that’s super frustrating, especially since we’ve never ever missed one single payment in our five years of marriage. But we called earlier & paid the full amount over the phone, and everything is fine now, & they claim it should be on by 11pm tonight. And we’ll definitely remember this the next time we go on vacation – pay all bills upon your return!

Anyways, here are a few photos of my adorable girl at school drop-off this morning.

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Trunk or Treat

Well, we made it! This was a very long day, full of lots of hard work & chaos & we’re all exhausted. So I’ll just skip right to the best parts & best photos from our fall festival tonight, so I can just turn my brain off after I hit publish. Gonna need lots of sleep tonight!

Our Harry Potter trunk theme turned out great, and I was very pleased with it! Even if I did forget my “Platform 9 ¾” sign at home… Thanks to all our friends (Kathryn, Janet, Lisel, Eunice, Mitzi, Jeanne, & Jane), who loaned us things!

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Lime Green

Welllll once again, today is all about Emmie. I literally don’t have any other photos from today, except for ones of her. It was just a regular, ordinary day, so I didn’t really think about taking photos. I worked like crazy, had lunch & read at my desk, and then picked up my girl from school. We had our little 3-fam family dinner at home, then put on music and sang & danced in the living room, while Emerson walked around eating a Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tart, which she’s now obsessed with, after getting them during the hurricane.

These first three photos are from drop-off this morning, where she was reading the cupcake book to one of little friends. This little girl always comes over to hug Emmie when we get there every morning, and it’s so sweet.

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Bistro Lunch & Book Fair

So, drop-off this morning was weird at Growing Room. Just seconds before we walked in the door, the electricity went off again! They had been out for a few days at the end of last week due to the hurricane, but it came back and all was fine for school yesterday, but just clicked off this morning. So I dropped her off in the mostly dark center, with just the emergency lighting. It did come back on at some point, or else I would have had to go back and pick her up. I only took one photo with the flash, so I wouldn’t blind the little nugget.

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Dinner at Sonny’s

This morning, I accidentally overslept by over an hour, but it was just so dang hard to get out of my own bed, after our first night back in a few days, and all the work we did around the house yesterday. By the time Emerson and I got to school, all her friends were sitting at the table eating breakfast. I got Emmie settled in, and took these photos while she watched her teacher getting her plate ready. She was just so sweet and interested and patient. And adorable!

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Weekend Update

Wow, things have been crazy over the last 5-6 days. I haven’t blogged since last Wednesday, and that was just a few quick sentences after the hurricane came through, and our power had gone out, and we were sitting in a hot, dark house. I’ve done a few Facebook posts since then (when I was able to get some spotty cell service), so I’ll skip a few days, and just catch up on yesterday and today…

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Hurricane Michael

Well, the worst of it didn’t hit Tally, but we’ve had crazy wind & a bunch of rain today. Approximately 80,000 people in Leon County have no power, and that includes us, my whole family, and Jeff’s parents as well. We lost power around 3:15, so we had peanut butter sammie’s & white cheddar popcorn for dinner. Emmie is asleep now, but we had no way to heat her night time bottle, so she wasn’t thrilled with that. She usually drinks 5oz, but tonight she only had 1oz of cold milk.

Jeff and I are currently sitting around in the candlelight (I’m reading Erin & Ben Napier’s book, he’s watching a movie on his phone), waiting for an appropriate-ish bedtime. Praying everything stays calm here through the night, and that tomorrow is a much better day all around!

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