Pancakes & Pinecones

We started out the morning with breakfast at Woodchucks Cafe with Grammy & Pepaw.

Then we went over to the house for a bit. We brought our pressure washer, so they could do their back deck. We got them started, took a few turns ourselves, then left it for them to use.

Emmie loved carrying around these tiny pinecones the whole time.

Then we ran to Hobby Lobby to grab supplies to make her costume for trunk or treat tomorrow night. Since we couldn’t find anything to buy, we decided we would make one ourselves! So her first homemade costume will be Hedwig! But we tried on this super cute unicorn headband while we were there.

After a quick lunch at home, she was ready for her nap!

Then we got busy crafting!

After she woke up, we played around the house for a long time, then ran some more errands.

Aunt Meggie & Uncle Bob stopped by for a few minutes after the FSU game, to switch cars with us. They are letting us use her SUV for tomorrow night, because I wanted that specific kind of trunk/hatch for our trunk or treat. Emmie was very glad to see them, and shared lots of kisses.

Eventually, we went to Jeff’s parents house for a while, and then we had dinner at Chick-fil-A.

She had all sorts of Chick-fil-A sauce in her hair, so she had a bath (in which she pooped, but luckily we we’re done so I just snatched her out real quick!), and then played in her jammies for a few minutes before bedtime.

And then we started crafting again, while watching HP3 on Jeff’s phone.

It’s almost 10pm, and we’re finally almost done. Jeff’s working on the last little bit while I write my post for the day. Tomorrow is going to be crazy busy, but I’m so looking forward to everything! I’m just really, really hoping she’ll actually wear this, after we did all this work! I’ll be sure to share tons of photos in tomorrow’s post of the finished product, and hopefully her wearing it!

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