April 2021

Cheddar Bay Biscuits

Much like her shirt implies (“the force is strong with this child”) she insisted on wearing this string of Mardi Gras beads to school this morning. And like Grammy said, some battles aren’t worth fighting, so I really didn’t even bother trying to fight this one with her, but just told her she couldn’t throw a fit if they got lost or broken!

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Stressful Appointment

It was slightly chilly this morning, and although a light sweater would have been sufficient, Little Miss Priss wanted to choose her own jacket, and she thought she needed this super warm, fluffy pink coat. And then her friend Olivia got to school right as we did, so after getting her jacket zipped up, she ran off to walk inside with her, and left Mommy in the dust! But hey, I’d rather her be excited to go to school with her friends, than upset about me leaving!

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Chili Dinner, Chilly Weather

Today was supposed to be “wear green” for school today, this little teal-ish romper was as close as we got though. I didn’t know exactly why we were supposed to be wearing green, but Emerson told me this morning it was for Earth Day! Also, she picked out her own socks & shoes today, and we obviously had to have this little denim jacket because it was so chilly this morning.

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Mom’s Sick Day

So yesterday, I wasn’t feeling so great. But then today, I woke up and felt like I’d been hit by a ton of bricks. My sinuses are completely messed up and I’ve had the worst sinus pressure headache literally all day. It was supposed to be my turn on praise team at church, but not only could I not sing, I couldn’t even get myself out of bed and dressed for church. So Jeff too Emmie to church, and I stayed home trying to hydrate and rest. I put on a movie in the background hoping it would put me to sleep on the couch, but my head hurt too bad to even sleep.

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Heart Doctor & Hot Dog

After almost three full days out of school (we were called to pick her up at 9am on Tuesday), Tater Tot finally got to go back today! She’s still got the cough and congestion, but she’s been fever free for a while now, and was ready to go back and play with her friends (even though I know given the choice, she would have gone back to Grammy’s house again).

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Sick Days

So after a couple of days break from blogging, I’m finally feeling a little bit like writing. It’s a little later than usual though, so I’ll keep this brief… I’m not going to go back and “catch up” on the two days I missed sharing, but we’ll just do a quick recap, and then pick up with today.

Tuesday, we took Emmie to the doctor with a cough & congestion. Her ears, throat & chest were all fine, and she was negative for flu and covid, but her RSV test came back positive. She had RSV very severe when she was only four months old, but in a 3-year-old, that just means a cold/virus that has to run it’s course on it/s own. So Wednesday & Thursday she spent the day with Grandmommie and Grammy, playing and resting. I’ve been healthy (trying hard not to get her germs) but just been very tired and run down, and even had a sob-fest Tuesday night, over just a few minor things. But things are better tonight, and Emmie is feeling better, and I’m not so mentally drained…

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Rainy Steak Sunday

So, I actually had to stay home from church (and pretty much everything) today, for some tests the doctor has me doing (and we’ll just leave it at that to avoid TMI, but basically it’s to make sure I’m not developing preeclampsia towards the end of my pregnancy). So after I got Jeff and Emmie ready and out the door, I made myself some fried eggs and a couple pieces of my low-carb Sola bread, and this was super yummy.

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Cleaning & Shredding & Painting & Singing

Jeff and the boys were up and moving early, and Nana came over to pick them up to drive them back to their mom. Of course Emmie and I were up early too, and after they left, we headed to Walmart for our early morning grocery pick-up. After getting all the things puta way, I made our usual egg sandwiches for breakfast. I finally got a hold of the low-carb Sola bread, and it was good! So I got to have a whole sandwich today, and it felt so special!

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