Heart Doctor & Hot Dog

After almost three full days out of school (we were called to pick her up at 9am on Tuesday), Tater Tot finally got to go back today! She’s still got the cough and congestion, but she’s been fever free for a while now, and was ready to go back and play with her friends (even though I know given the choice, she would have gone back to Grammy’s house again).

I had an appointment with my OB today, with an ultrasound and a non-stress-test to check up on Addison. She wasn’t cooperating for the ultrasound, and she was hiding her face, so the only photo we got was of her little ear, which is still kinda hard to really make out…

For the non-stress-test, I got to just lay in a bed with monitors strapped to my belly, for them to monitor her heartbeats and movements, for about 20-30 minutes. The nurse came back and said baby was doing beautifully and we “passed” the test within the first few minutes, but we still had to lay there the required time, which I didn’t mind since I just read a book on my phone.

This video itself isn’t super exciting, but if you listen closely and turn up the volume, you can hear Addison’s precious little heartbeat!



Emerson had a good, but short day at school…

And then Daddy picked her up early, right after nap time… And just look at this little ragamuffin!

And took her to her cardiologist appointment to see Dr. Vining, for another check-up post-open-heart-surgery.

The appointment went well, and things are still looking good. In fact, her heart is doing so well, that she’s been moved from twice-a-year appointments to only once-a-year appointments!

When I got home after work, she was all snuggled up on the couch, watching cute little educational videos on her Kindle.

And then she was so excited to show off all of her artwork from the past couple of weeks.

After her doctor’s appointment, she told Daddy she wanted to get ice cream again like after her flu shot. So we went to Dairy Queen for dinner (I was very surprised by her choices of hot dog with a banana for a side), so she could have an ice cream cone for a post-doctors-appointment treat. (Also, they have some new rotisserie grilled chicken nuggets, that are actually really good!)



Then we made a quick run to Home Depot for some supplies and paint stuff we needed, to work on Addison’s nursery this weekend.

She loved watching the paint mixing process, and of course asked about one billion questions the whole time.

It was a little later than her usual bedtime when we finally got home, so she grabbed a snack and we got her ready for bed.


Since we were out late, I got this blog done late, and now it’s pretty much time for me to go straight to bed, especially after walking around in Home Depot for almost an hour. I’m worn out from such a big day, and we have another big day again tomorrow!

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