Ultrasound and Curtains

My adorable, precious angel girl was so sweet this morning, and had a perfect, super fast drop-off. And I was so proud of her!

Last week, my doctor finally started allowing an “extra” person at the ultrasound appointments. So Jeff came with me last week for his first one, and then he let my Mama come with me today! Grammy was so super excited to see Baby Addison on the ultrasound, even though Addison was hiding her face again and wouldn’t really cooperate enough for us get a good photo of her. But it was so great to have her there with me today!

They told us again that Addison has tons of hair, and it was even waving around in there in the fluids. It was a little weird, but funny. Emerson was born with a head full of dark hair, which all fell out, and came back in bright blonde. Can’t wait to see what Addison’s hair is like!

From the looks of these photos, little Tater Tot did a lot of art work today, but ate everything at both meals, since they had brunch for lunch, with chicken and waffles and breakfast is Emmie’s favorite foods/meal!

I had to take another little 15-minute power nap once we got home from work and school today, but after that, I felt a little better and ready to cook dinner. I made this recipe for Asian Lettuce Wraps, for about the 5th time tonight, and we just really love it. Even Emerson cleans her plate too!

After dinner, Emerson had a little bath, and Jeff hung up the curtain rods and curtains in Addison’s bedroom. (These are actually the exact same thermal/blackout ones we have in Emerson’s room, even in the same color.)

After drilling in the wall, there was white stuff on the floor, and Emmie was like, “Hey, this isn’t supposed to be here!” So she went to grab this tiny little hand-broom, and made herself useful sweeping everything up!

She then grabbed herself a Gogurt from the fridge, and we got her ready for bed. Since she got to stay up a little bit late while watching Daddy finish the curtains, I threatened her that if she wasn’t good and didn’t go to sleep quickly, I’d come back and take her current favorite stuffed kitty cat. And once we finished our story & “Jesus Loves Me,” she was completely silent when I left her room, and went right to sleep!

I’m too tired to wash the dishes tonight, so those can wait until tomorrow (maybe I can get Jeff to wash them during his WFH lunch break tomorrow 😉 ), so y’all know I’ll be going to bed pretty soon after my nightly protein shake…

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