Short & Sweet

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet – I only have a few photos, nothing out of the regular happened today, and since we got Emmie down to bed a little earlier than usual, I’m just gonna knock this post out super quick. Girlfriend was in a great, happy mood, and went straight into class with her friend Olivia.

Last night’s leftovers for lunch today was delicious, and I devoured every single bite.

And then made turkey burgers for dinner, the “sweet onion seasoned” frozen ones from Butterball, which we love. Mine was even super good with just the lettuce wrap, without the bun. You can’t see it hidden in all the lettuce, but I had all the condiments in there, plus sautéed onions and cheese, and yum! (I microwaved a thing of steam-in-bag green beans, but when I put them on Emmie’s plate first, the smell really turned me off, so none of us ended up eating them.)

We played a little after dinner, and snuggled on the couch watching The Incredibles for just a little bit, and then got Tater Tot ready for dinner. And for our usual routine, we read a Precious Moments story and she ate a Gogurt, and then she went to bed relatively easily.

I’m gonna grab my Bluetooth headphones and listen to my audiobook while I wash up some dishes. I’ll try to read a little after that before going to bed, because I’m thiiiiiis close to finishing the seventh and final book in a very long (but super good) series and it’s so close and I really wanna see how it ends.

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