May 2021

Tummy Time & Popsicle Cheers

So last night, something was wrong with my website and it would let me upload any new photos, or write a new post. So I’ll quickly start with Wednesday’s post first, and then start up a second post tonight for today. (I just don’t like combining multiple days into one post, when I can help it…)

Look at these sweet sisters, holding hands together first thing in the morning!

Addison’s Birth Story

Today is May 24, 2021, which was my actual due date! So on this day, I wanted to share Addison’s birth story.

Addison Laurel Pullen was born at 1:29pm, on May 5, 2021. In contrast to Emerson’s drama-filled arrival, Addison’s was so smooth, quick and easy! (If you’d like to read Emerson’s long-winded, three-part birth story, click here, here and here.) Also, the beginning of Addison’s birth story is in a post when we first announced I was pregnant, and then I blogged throughout my entire pregnancy, so this post is really just from the day of her birth and the couple of days after that…

So, since I had a previous C-section with Emerson (and had a uterine fibroid removed at that time) and the fact that I had gestational diabetes, my doctor scheduled my C-section for 37 weeks pregnant, to avoid some of the higher risks towards the end of pregnancy. So for a couple of months ahead of time, we knew the exact date and approximate time that Addison would arrive.

The morning of my scheduled surgery, I took Emerson to school, returned home to shower, and then Jeff and I packed up and drove to the hospital! I wasn’t allowed to eat past midnight the night before, which really stunk because I was starving, as I didn’t even report until 10am, and surgery was scheduled for 12:30pm. I really wished I would have been the first of the day at 7:30, but oh well…

Sleepy Sunday

It was cool this morning, in the 50’s, and this long sleeve & pants Big Sister outfit was perfect for Emmie to wear to church this morning. She asked if Addison had a matching outfit, and when I told her no (since we bought this before we even knew if Baby was a boy or a girl), she suggested we go to the store and find her something to match, and that she would help me out.

Banana Pudding

Since I can’t drive for a while post-C-Section, Jeff is doing all of the school drop-off’s and pick-up’s. For whatever reason, Emerson has always had tougher drop-off’s with daddy, being much more clingy to him. He’s not able to get photos easily (and she’s usually upset already by the time they get there), so I took them at home today before they left, and she was adorable!

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