Crosswords & Coffee

Alright, I’m exhausted from today, and I’m blogging a little later than usual, so I’m keeping this short and sweet… Emmie had a really good drop-off at school, and a really good day, and then Grammy picked her up early around 3pm, to go back to her house with her.

Addie and I had a great day at home together, and I got her to sleep really well in her bassinet for two really long stretches.

My project today was writing another decent sized batch of thank you cards, and I decided to do some crosswords & word finds, as well as my daily scripture reading (it’s supposed to be scripture writing, but I’m just reading right now), plus, I did some meal planning. For the past few weeks, we’ve had friends and family bringing us meals a few times a week, but next week I’m going to have to start cooking a few meals myself, so I gotta get back in the swing of things with that stuff.

Love this baby girl in this adorable strawberry onesie, that’s another one of Emmie’s hand-me-downs! Jeff nick-named her Addie-berry today, which was adorable 🙂

She has really liked having her arms out of the swaddle, so we usually leave them out. But last night, Jeff tucked them in and said she slept great, so I tried that again today, and I think that’s what helped her sleep so well in her bassinet for those two long naps today.

My sweet great aunt gifted us this really nice diaper bag tote that also converts into a backpack, and it’s so great! We used it tonight to pack all the things for the family to head to Grammy’s house.

My cousin Aaron and his wife Mandy are in town for a few days, so we had a family pizza/pool party at my parents’ house tonight while they are here. By the time Jeff and I got there, most of the pool party portion was over, and my mom only got this one photo.


Emmie went down for bedtime really easily tonight (she was exhausted after such a fun afternoon/evening), and now Jeff is about to go to bed early himself. Addie just finished a bottle, so I might take a short couch nap until time for her next one, and then I’ll head off to bed after that.



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