Watermelon Sugar

The whole family was on the couch and involved in Addison’s first early-morning bottle today.

Then Jeff took Pretzel to the vet for his twice-yearly appointment, and brought home Donut Kingdom at Emmie’s request.

Emmie and I both worked on some things together, and then she climbed up on the counter and grabbed my coffee cup to steal a few sips.

She specifically requested three buns in her hair today, and although I’m definitely not as good at little girl hair as some of her teachers at school, I did my best. It was a bit messy, and definitely not symmetrical, but it still turned out pretty cute 😉

And then while Addie and I stayed home to snuggle, Jeff and Emmie went to Walmart to get our weekly grocery pick-up order, and a few more things from inside, like a new garden hose and the coffee creamer I forgot to put on the order.

We had sandwiches at home for lunch when they got home, and then Emmie took her nap. Jeff and I did a few random chores around the house while she slept, like getting our little backyard pool blown up and filled with water…

And then Daddy and Emmie had a fun afternoon in our little pool! (I’m still not actually allowed to swim yet, after my c-section, so I just stayed inside to dice up our watermelon and read my Kindle while Addie slept, and then came outside at then end, for about 10 minutes, once she started waking up.)

(And of course I’ve had the Harry Styles song stuck in my head alllll day.)

Addie was still super sleepy during our few minutes outside, and she looked too cute to handle in this giant bonnet on her head.

Everyone got dried off and dressed again, and then Jeff ran back out to pick up Pretzel from the vet’s office.

We ordered delivery from one of our favorite places for dinner tonight, El Rincon Latino. (They used to be called Super Perros, but just changed their name a few weeks ago actually.) We used BiteSquad for the first time tonight, because some nice friend of ours sent us a gift card to my email, but I don’t even know who it was! There was a nice note, but whoever it was didn’t put their name, so thank you to the mystery friends that bought our dinner tonight!

We got grilled chicken & sauteed onions, with salad and rice & beans, tostones, sweet plantains, a beef empanada, a papa rellena, and a tequeno cheese stick (Jeff and I just shared all of this, since it was one full meal and like 2-3 sides/appetizers), plus chicken nuggets & tots for Emmie. And all of it was absolutely delicious!! And Emmie even tried one bite of all the other things, which I was proud of her for at least trying, even though the only other thing she liked was the fried cheese stick.

She took a really quick bath after dinner (and put on a new nightgown from Nana!), and then she wanted me to paint her fingernails and toenails for her. I knew I was going to do mine in the next day or so, so I told her my plans, because I figured she’d want the same thing, and of course she did. We both did the super trendy rainbow nails that I’ve seen all over the place already this summer, but we both picked mostly pink/blue/purple colors, instead of all the super bright ones everyone else is doing, and I really love how they turned out!

Emerson did really good at bedtime (party because of her big afternoon, and partly because we let her stay up later watching “The Incredibles” {again} while her nails dried), and we fed Addison a bottle and got her swaddled up and back to sleep, once she was done looking all around the room for about 30 minutes. And look how sweet these two are, staring into each others’ eyes, while Daddy made raspberry noises 😉

Today was such a great day, even if I’m super tired and ready for some sleep now. Well, gonna have a little bit of watermelon for dessert, but then, sleep!

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