Teacup Pig in a Blanket

My beautiful little girl, so fresh and clean and ready for church this morning!

And my tiniest girl all snuggled up with me after having some milk, with Pretzel nearby as always.

Addis slept in her bassinet while I folded a couple loads of clean laundry, and watched church online, and started another load or two of towels. We also finally realized she does in fact sleep better with her arms in the swaddle. She didn’t seem to like it that way at first, so we were leaving her arms free. But she’s slept so much better the last few days, with her arms swaddled up tight. I said last night she looked like a pig in a blanket, and Jeff said she was the size of a teacup pig, so now we’ve been calling her a teacup pig in a blanket! 🙂

Jeff and Emmie went out to church with the family at Willie Jewel’s after church, and then Emmie wanted to go back home to Grammy’s house for the afternoon. (This is her new routine, almost every other Sunday now, which is actually really sweet.)

After Emerson was ready to come back home, Grammy and Grandmommie drove her across town back to our house, and got some Addie-loves while they were here. Jeff had done some yard work this afternoon, and then he and Emmie got back in the tiny pool in the backyard.

He sprayed me with the hose! Luckily, my phone is waterproof, and it felt good to get a little sprinkle out in the hot sun.

Emmie tried to spray me with her little water gun, but she couldn’t quite reach me as I walked away 😉

She got dried and dressed and did some doctor work…


After Grammy gave her a bottle, she got a little fussy and I couldn’t get her to go back to sleep, but these beautiful blue eyes were just staring straight at me! I know that babies’ eyes can change colors after their first couple of months, but I’m hoping and praying so much that Addison has blue eyes like her sister and her cousins!

These cute girls make my heart swell with love and pride and joy! (But let’s don’t gloss over the hard parts – approximately two minutes after this sweet moment, both girls were screaming and/or crying, and I couldn’t hear myself think…)



We took turns eating dinner and trying to keep Addie calm, and finally had to give her another bottle again, which she fell asleep while drinking… at last…

And then once she was asleep, she really was out like a light! I laid her down to change her diaper and swaddle her, and even after all the wiggling and jostling I did to her, she stayed sound asleep!

The littlest teacup pig in a blanket again!

I was able to lay her down in her bassinet again to come blog here. Jeff is exhausted from the yard work (and the sunburn he got while he was out there), so I’m sure both of us will take a short nap before it’s time for her next bottle, before our real  bedtime later on.

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