August 2020

Museum & Mediterranean

All of you guys have spoiled this little girl (with help from us too, obviously), because she’s going to get to open at least one present a day the entire two weeks we’re here! Today, she got a backpack full of dresses, a pack of panties, and a new baby doll. Thank you, Mrs. Linda T. for the sweet gift!

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Goodie Basket

Megan decided they would start coming to school a little earlier again this week, so that we could all see each other a few more times before Emmie’s surgery. So we got there first, and I told Emmie I was going to take a few pics of her by herself before they got there, but they were already pulling in, and you can see how excited she was when she recognized their van!


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Curry Heaven

So one of our couch pillows busted a month or so ago, and we took it over and asked Grandmommie to fix it last night. (I do not know how to sew.) She did it while we were there & we brought it home. When Emmie saw it on the couch this morning, she literally cheered and was like, “Yay! Soft pillow party!” Then piled them all up around her, for morning cuddle times.


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